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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Worst of the Worst

From Buffalo Beast's list of the 50 Most Loathsome People in America for 2007:

No surprise here, Bush is the most loathsome:

"Is so clearly not in charge of his own White House that his feeble attempts to define himself as "decider" or "commander guy" are the equivalent of a five-year-old kid sitting on his dad's Harley and saying "vroom vroom!" ... The first president who is so visibly stupid he can say "I didn't know what was in the National Intelligence Estimate until last week" and sound plausible. Inarguably a major criminal and a much greater threat to the future of America than any Muslim terrorist."

Cheney is No.2.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi share No.5:

"Graduates of the Neville Chamberlain school of appeasement, the Democratic leadership continues to ignore the constitution-and the American people-by keeping impeachment "off the table" and refusing to defund the war. True pushovers, they're too stupid, cowardly, weak and outmatched politically to accomplish anything substantive, their "strategy" essentially boiling down to whining a lot while handing Bush whatever the hell he wants."

(H/T to Mock, Paper, Scissors)


Lurch said...

OT - See what you're missing?


Comrade Misfit said...

Good deal, but with a 10min commute, he'd better budget for an overhaul at far less time than TBO. Unlesshe takes it up at least once a week and flies it hard for an hour or more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!



Lurch said...

I know a few of the people who live in developments like this. In Broward and Palm Beach Counties there are more than 15 such developments. They fly recreationally on weekends, too. I doubt they do aerobatics, if that's what you mean by "fly it hard" nut they send a lot of good weather time in the air.