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Friday, December 21, 2007

PanderBear; Huckabee Edition

So Mike "God Chose Me, Me, Me" Huckabee was asked by a seven-year-old girl who was his favorite author. He said it was Dr. Seuss. She later told reporters that she thought he would be "reading at a higher level."

Even children can see though this pandering asshole of a Jesus-freak.

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Justin Buist said...

I wish I was surprised by this.

I'm Christian. I'm Republican. I don't buy the whole evolution theory* and I think Huckabee is an idiot.

The worst part: He's my #3 choice in the Republican primary. If it's obvious that the Paul and Thompson are doomed by the time we get to a Michigan primary I might as well vote as a Democrat in that one. Too bad Obamma pulled out of our primary.

*: Evlolution as a theory is in its infancy. We never get stuff right on the first go-round. Remember the "plum pudding" model of the atom? Yeah, seems logical, but it isn't quite right. Evolution can explain a number of things, like how a species adapted to a specific enviroment. However, the math nerd in me freaks out when you've got to deal with a "jump" between species. A baby pops out, has a totally different genetic structure due to random mutations, and somehow finds another new offspring that matches it and is suitable for reproduction.

The fantasy world of X-Men is more probable than this. At least then the mutation was only a few genes, not introduction or reduction of chromosomes that would kick the mutants into a different species.