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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chimpy: Ever the Moron

I am going to withhold comment on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto for a little bit to let things fall out.

But there is one thing that I cannot resist commenting about, and that is the gall of the Chimperor. He said this:

"The United States strongly condemns this cowardly act by murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan's democracy," Bush told reporters at his ranch in Crawford. "We stand with the people of Pakistan in their struggle against the forces of terror and extremism."

Reprehensible? Yes. Evil? Yes. But cowardly? No. The assassin carried out his crime knowing that, whether he succeeded or failed, he would die in the act. That no more makes him a coward than were the kamikaze pilots of World War II.

No, the true cowards are those who, having done their level best to avoid going to war when it was their turn, now have sent thousands of Americans to their deaths in a land of sand and blood and have condemned tens of thousands of more Americans to live out their days in disability and pain.

The true cowards are those who say they support the war, but cannot find the courage to go down to the recruiting office and sign up for the war they say they so earnestly support. From George Bush, Richard Cheney and the rest of the neo-cons, down through the members of the Young Republicans and the Federalist Society, those who say they support the war by putting a yellow ribbon on their vehicles but not by putting on a uniform, those are the true cowards.

The cowards are not those who give their lives for what they believe, whether or not you agree with what they believe.

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