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Friday, December 15, 2017

So, Let's See If I Have This Correctly

A couple of FBI agents exchange text messages critical of Trump and the Right-wingers want the FBI purged or shut down.

But when cops beat a black guy to death or shoot one in the back or shoot some kid kneeling in a hallway, the same folks on the Right will jump to defend the cops. They'll scream their defense for the cops and loudly proclaim that OK, maybe there are a few bad cops, but the vast majority of them are doing a hard and difficult job.

Funny how that same standard doesn't apply to the FBI in an instance where zero blood was shed.

So why hasn't the Right demanded that the police departments in Ferguson, Baltimore, North Charleston or Mesa be disbanded?

That's a rhetorical question, of course. You know why.

Because It's Friday

Polish steam in "the high technology world of the 1980s":

Condensation isn't the only thing that's dripping in this documentary, but the locomotives are still worth seeing.

World's Oldest Toddler Pitches Another Hissy Fit

The Federal Communications Commission voted three to two to change the way "net neutrality" is governed.

Internet service providers (ISPs) will now be allowed to speed up or slow down different companies' data, and charge consumers according to the services they access.
The underlying reason for this fuckery is that whatever Obama was for, Trump is against. Trump hates Obama so much that if Obama had made it harder to obtain opioids, Trump would have ordered that vicodin be handed out in schools after each recess.

for that's all of the thought that goes through Trump's mind about regulations. If Obama had a position on something, Trump takes the opposite tack. It's the actions of a surly toddler.

Speaking of a surly and narcissistic toddler, it is impossible for the intelligence briefers to say anything to Trump about Russian hacking. Trump takes that information not as information about Russia's nefarious actions, but as a personal attack on his own sense of self. For to Trump, everything is about him.

He either has the emotional maturity of a toddler, or he truly knows that he is guilty of collusion, if not outright treason, and he is willing to do anything to keep that from coming out. Even if it is acting like an uncontrollable three-year old and bringing down the country with him.

Either way, Trump, by his actions, has shown that he hates this country. That that's been a clear fact. For anyone who would back an accused child-molester for a senate seat in order to gain a short-term political advantage has no moral compass at all, nor love for democracy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

48% of Alabamians were Fine With Having an Accused Child-Molester as Their Senator

But 50% were not.

In one of the reddest states in the nation, Steve Bannon managed to find a candidate so repugnant that Alabama's junior senator will now be a Democrat.

Bannon is starting to shape up like the latest iteration of the Tea Party. The GOP would have had a solid lock on the Senate a long time ago if not for Republican candidates supported by the Tea Party fringe.

The GOP itself lost a senate seat, but they dodged a bullet. Democrats would have hung Roy Moore around the necks of every Republican running in `18 to force them to justify being a candidate from the Party of Moore.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Poll I Don't Believe

Democrat Doug Jones leads GOP candidate Roy Moore by 10 points in the Alabama Senate race, according to a Fox News poll released Monday.

Fifty percent of voters surveyed say they prefer Jones, compared to 40 percent for Moore, who has been plagued by accusations of sexual misconduct.
There has to be some number of people who are not going to tell a pollster that they are supported an alleged pedophile. But when they get into the voting booth, they can pull the lever for Moore and then decry to all of their friends that it's a durned shame that Alabamians elected a man whose apparent predilection was for underage girls and who believes that the time when he and his friends could have owned slaves was when America was at its greatest.

Then add to that the number of white Alabamians who are mad at Jones for prosecuting and convicting the two surviving Birmingham Church Bombers and you probably have enough voters to take Moore over the top.



Sunday, December 10, 2017

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

A Lockheed L-1011"TriStar":

My only two airborne ocean crossings were in TWA L1011s.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Chip is chilling out.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Because It's Friday

Steam in Eritrea:

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Professional Courtesy is Apparently a Thing of the Past

A Manhattan private equity director was killed by a shark while scuba diving off the coast of Costa Rica, authorities said.
I know, I'm a bad person.

Seems that the dive site was known for its abundance of shark species.

Trump to Form His Version of the SA?

Trump is considering forming his own private spy network, which would be run by Eric Price, the Henchman of Evil and the brother of Betsy DeVos.

I suppose that these folks will all be swearing allegiance to El Caudillo Trumpo.

So now we're going to have private spies to ferret out Trump's enemies. What's next, secret police?

Haven't we seen this movie before?

I got shit going on. Got a call from relatives; a wildfire is possibly going to burn their home down and they're bugging out. The fire was news to me, because everything on the media these days is about whatever stupid shit DFT did or said or tweeted.

And I've got no shortage of work to do right now. So look over the blogroll.