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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dave Barry's Year in Review

For 2007. I don't follow football, but from his piece, it would seem that the Miami Dolphins pretty much suck.

Almost every month has an item like this:

"Democrats in Congress -- continuing to implement their policy of being passionately against the war while avoiding doing anything that might get them blamed for stopping the war -- vote to continue funding the war, but boldly enter many snippy remarks about it into the congressional record. President Bush receives this devastating news stoically, then goes ahead and makes his putt."

Making fun of Democrats for spinelessly giving in to Bush is sort of like making fun of the Earth because it rotates on its axis.

If the Congressional Democrats were a product made by Ronco, Ron Popiel would have made an infomercial touting the virtues and benefits of "The Amazing Cave-O-Matic!"


BobG said...

To be truthful, I think the reason they don't actually do anything is because some of them would rather have the war around as a platform against the Republicans. If the war ended, some of them wouldn't really have anything to stand for at election time. I remember a time when the Democratic party actually cared about the average person. Any more, they are no different than their opponents; the only place they differ is in which special interest groups they lean on.
Just my opinion.

Comrade Misfit said...

I disagree, I think it is all a matter of spine and political cowardice. They don't want to have to take a stand. On anything.

And so, the Republicans roll them almost every time.