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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Late to the Party; Chimpy Edition

Stupie McFuckwit seems to be coming to the conclusion that he needs to do something about the environment, other than just turning over the national forests to the timber industry and the national parks to the oil and gas folks. Maybe he is concerned that he is going to go down in history as being the Lester Maddox of climate change.

Doesn't matter. The Chimperor has spent seven years doing everything he can to hinder any attempt or plan to do anything to address pollution, environmental conservation, climate change or energy conservation. His record is less than zero, for rather than doing nothing, his administration has been outright obstructionist. There is little he can do in the last year of his misbegotten reign to atone for his slavish devotion to whatever it takes to fatten the profits of the extraction industries.

Whether or not he really is going to do anything now is akin to a Death Row conversion. (Which, you may recall, he was never swayed by when he was governor of the Execution State.) It is too little, too late. This chapter of the Legacy of the Unelected Preznit has already been typeset.

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