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Monday, December 31, 2007

Toady of the Year; 2007 Edition

This is my own awards category. The award goes to the politician who best emphasizes the qualities of political cowardice and/or loyalty where it is not deserved. I have two winners for 2007, one from each side of the political aisle.

For Republicans, oh, there are so many good candidates. Every member of the Unites States Senate from the GOP should be a finalist, along with Joe Lieberman, for they have shown unswerving and mindless loyalty to the worst president (and the most corrupt administration) since Warren G. Harding. Other than being on the other side of the economic ideological line, the GOP is indistinguishable from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in their slavish followership and devotion to ideological purity over competence.

However, this is not an award that is given to a pack of slavish sheep. Therefore, the winner is Alberto Gonzalez (Scumbag, Texas).

Gonzalez epitomizes the worst kind of lawyer that there is: The amoral gunslinger who, no matter what evil or illegal thing his patron wants to do, constructs a legal argument to support the evil act. The fact that Gonzalez was the first Hispanic attorney general will be a footnote in history. The fact that Gonzalez supported the use of torture and the wholesale disregard of the Constitution whenever it suited his masters will be the historical mainstay of his unfortunate time in office. He turned the Department of Justice into a bunch of badge-toting partisan goons, who winked at the foul crimes of Republicans while pushing show trials of the Chimperor's political opponents. Under his leadership, the Justice Department brought numerous terrorism cases, almost all of which were textbook examples of shitty prosecutions on the flimsiest of grounds and pursued for political reasons alone.

If there is any justice in this Universe, Gonzalez will live out the end of his days in a prison cell for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity.

For the Democrats, the choice is almost a no-brainer: Senator Harry Reid (Spineless, Nevada).

If politics were analogous to armed combat, Reid would be the guy who brought a Nerf-bat to a gunfight. Rather than meet hardball tactics with the same, Reid led his party into caving every time the Bush butt-monkeys opposed anything. Leading the Senate of the 110th Congress, which was elected on a national wave of discontent for Bush's Iraq War, Reid could do nothing other than give Bush everything he asked for. Reid, who apparently feared being portrayed as "soft on national defense," is now portrayed as having all of the backbone of your average invertebrate.

If there is any justice, Reid's retirement job will be handling nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain.


Phil said...

I certainly can't argue with either choice.
Abu is a fucking traitor on several levels .
Reid, who reportedly used to be a boxer and supposedly has some experience with punching people in the face has turned into a worried old man afraid of his own shadow.

Phil said...

Happy New Year EB.
Lets hope for a blizzard of subpoenas and a flurry of resignations in the coming year.


Comrade Misfit said...

And to you, Busted.