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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Green Zone Hypothetical

For the sake of discussion, say that you and I both work for contractors in Iraq. Our company was hired by the State Department.

The day finally comes that I get good and tired of your whiny bullshit. So I take my trusty Glock 19 from my desk drawer, point it at your head and I pull the trigger. *BANG* Blood, bone and brains speckle the wall behind your desk.

Under what law can I be charged? Iraq law doesn't apply to contractors, Paul Bremer made sure of that. I am not a soldier and I am not working for or under the Department of Defense, so I cannot be charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


Lurch said...

f I've got any friends over there you'd be charged under what Breaker Morant defined as "Rule .303" or what we called it in Nam as "SEA Justice."

BadTux said...

Gangland justice. The gang with the most guns makes the justice. You don't blow away a gang member because if you do, the rest of his gang is coming after you. Unless you first gather together a bigger gang of your own. Then the members of the other gang will be scared to come after you.

So anyhow, go ahead and blow away that other dude. As long as his gang is smaller than your gang. Gangland rules. That's basically the situation in Iraq. We've turned it into East L.A. with RPG's and IED's and not a cop in sight. What an accomplishment. Woot.

Disclaimer: As a former teacher in an inner-city area who taught gang members, I'm way too familiar with the way these things work. The gangs form for self-protection, then move on to nastier things. The kids to watch out for aren't the ones flashing the bling and living large, those are the wannabes. The kids to watch out for are the quiet ones with the sly smiles. They don't need to flash, because everybody knows who they are -- the most vicious little dudes on the planet, who you don't cross because they. will. cut. you. Or worse.

Comrade Misfit said...

I understand Rule .303 and all that, but those are not laws, other than laws of the jungle.