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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yeah, No Racism Here

Five of the six cops in a tiny Missouri city quit after voters elected their first black female mayor. Nope, none at all. Just a coinkydink.

Seems that the cops in the town had a reputation for being overbearing goons, down to measuring people's lawns to see if they had been properly mowed. And tasing some kid who refused to talk to them.

So it might not be all racism. You can guess as to the percentages.


Nangleator said...

Maybe less racism than running for it before ugly truths come out.

Mike R said...

Read that they had also erased hard drives on computers. It would seem there may be a bit (probably a lot) of corruption in addition to the racism.

S O said...

A population to police ratio of almost hundred is a recipe for LE being a pain in the ass out of pure boredom.
No further ingredients are needed for a mess.

That ratio is twice as high as New York's!

CenterPuke88 said...

Mike, I certainly hope that is true, because recovery of the erased files is likely to be pretty easy and them doing it suggests something to hide and will likely picque FBI interest.