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Friday, April 10, 2015

How the Murderer of Walter Scott May Walk Free

If the prosecutor "stacks the deck" by deliberately empaneling a biased jury.

Yes, that shit still happens. The St. Louis County prosecutor's office has (allegedly) been doing it for awhile.

It wasn't all that long ago that all of the video in the world wouldn't have gotten that killer cop convicted in most states. It still might not be enough.


Nangleator said...

I've been thinking about that crime. What do you suppose made the guy run? He knew he was 50. He knew he was leaving behind his car, and couldn't hide his identity even if he COULD outrun the police. So what did he think he could accomplish?

Makes me far more suspicious about the (alleged) murderer and what went on before.

alex said...


The guy had an outstanding warrant to go along with his twelve previous arrests..

That is why he ran.

CenterPuke88 said...

Nan, perhaps what has happened before when he's been arrested on similar charges plays into it too.

On the will he be found guilty, he's gonna have to take the fall, for the establishment, or the results might be quite unpredictable. The establishment likes predictability, so I predict a conviction, on manslaughter, and a near maximum sentence (in SC the likely range appears to be 2-30 years on that charge), say about 20-25 years.

The DA in the area surely sees exactly how hot this potato is and, for that reason, the charges leveled will likely be murder but the jury will end up allowed to consider manslaughter because the DA's office finds no compelling evidence to prove malice aforethought. Just my $0.02.