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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spawn of Wingnut for President

U.S. Senator Rand Paul promised to be a different kind of Republican on Tuesday, launching a 2016 White House bid by saying he would stand up for individual freedoms that are being trampled by "the Washington machine."
The usual pseudo-racist crap of "taking our country back" was spewed.

Ron Paul has a long history of blowing a racist dogwhistle, including defending the cause of the Confederate traitors.

Rand isn't much different.

If Baby Paul wants to change the country, it's hard to see how he will do that by tossing away a lot of the power of the presidency. So he'd probably want to reduce his power afterwards, at which time, you can bet your farm that he'll find it really hard to give it up. One of the fundamental principles of holding power is that you never let somebody else take it from you. He'll find a reason to keep it, if the voters are drain-bamaged enough to choose him.


Murphy's Law said...

Ron Paul was certifiably insane. I have yet to make up my mind about his son.

montag said...

"blowing a racist dogwhistle"

Is that the same as blowing it out his ass, which he does with gusto.

Marc said...

I think we'd take him slightly more seriously if he had one of these:


S O said...

The problem with the old Paul is he's right on some issues (non-interventionist foreign policy, for example) and horribly wrong (uneducated) on many important issues (monetary policy, UN, ...).

The younger Paul is first and foremost ill-educated on issues. Krugman told him in the face that federal employee quantity hadn't risen sharply under Obama and it was utter, unbelievable news to R.P..