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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stay Classy, Ferguson

Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, say they will replace two recently planted saplings this week, including one planted in memory of 18-year-old Michael Brown.


Murphy's Law said...

Sorry, but a tree planted to commemorate a vicious thug who died by his own poor judgement is almost as bad as the city paying for a replacement just to placate a bunch of perpetually-offended types who are threatening more violence over it.

Comrade Misfit said...

Regardless of one's feelings about Mr. Brown, cutting down that tree was both a stupid and bush-league move.

Murphy's Law said...

I agree. Cutting the tree down is acting like a Brown supporter and that's wrong, but it never should have been placed on public property to begin with, much less replaced by the city. If I was one of the few job-having, tax-paying citizens left in Ferguson, I'd be incensed that my public servants were still caving in to the knuckle-draggers with this or any other so-called "memorial".

Joe said...

I saw what you did there, Comrade. LOL.

CenterPuke88 said...


1) Public memorials are an accepted part of the American tradition. Opposing them in general is, therefore, Un-American. FAIL.

2) "one of the few job-having" - 2014 Ferguson MO unemployment rate was 9.5%. Since few certainly doesn't consist of 90.5% of the working age population of an area, deliberate misrepresentation of fact. LIE.

3) "one of the few...tax-paying" - 2014 Missouri Sales and Use Tax Rate 4.225%, 1.225% on food items. Since everyone who buys anything pays taxes, including those using food stamps, literally 100% of Ferguson MO pays taxes, deliberate misrepresentation of fact. LIE.

4) "knuckle-draggers" - Typical, and well known, racist dog whistle used to imply African-Americans are "sub-human" or apes. RACIST.

So, Murphy, we clearly understand who and what you are. The question is,, are you a RNC fact-checker? Of Fox News?

Murphy's Law said...

I don't oppose public memorials in general. I oppose that one specifically because he was a no-account violent thug and his supporters are typically scumbags as well. America is about greatness and we don't celebrate thugish losers. Some of us celebrate it when they die, but predictably, some intellectual lightweight will almost always come by and call us racists just because it's easier than explaining their defense of a pothead criminal who attacked a police officer who was simply doing his job and protecting his community.

CenterPuke88 said...


1) "Violent thug" - Racist dog whistle.

2) "scumbags" - False.

3) "thugish losers" - Racist dog whistle.

4) "Some of us celebrate it when they die" - Now we see the truth of what you feel and believe.

5) "pothead criminal" - Unproven statement.

6) "attacked a police officer" - Unproven allegation.

7) "simply doing his job" - Unproven supposition.

8) "protecting his community" - From a man walking in the road...yea, OK.

The intellectual lightweight, and moral/ethical too, is you, sir.