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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Real "Man of the People"... Heh

Brit Prime Mister Cameron, who is in the middle of campaigning to keep his job, went to a barbeque to mingle with the masses.

Where he sat down to eat and used a knife and fork to eat a hot dog.

Whether it's Dubya clearing brush or Kerry going hunting or Trump eating pizza, when these clowns try to pretend that they're "just plain folk", they often blow it.


Deadstick said...

Can't remember...who was the US politician who had to apologize for eating pizza that way?

Comrade Misfit said...

Mayor Bill deBlasio, Self-Anointed Gasbag Donald Trump, and Former 1/2-Term Governor Sarah Palin all come to mind.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to eat anything either, that had been in his hand ;-)

bmq215 said...

deBlasio and Trump are particularly egregious offenders in my book. Sarah can be forgiven (for once) as I can't imagine that Alaskans see good pizza very often. Bill and Donny, however, have pretty much based their careers around a city that's legendary for its pizza. Shame on them.

3383 said...

I'll do pizza with a fork sometimes if it's too hot and I'm too hungry, but I'm no Mr. Pitt eating a Snickers.

I do know a German immigrant (for 30 years now) who eats pizza like that.