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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Taurus Derp Gun

A review of the Taurus Curve: In shot: Inaccurate, recoil is bothersome (this to the reviewer, a woman who carries a .45), impossible to draw quickly and good luck to you if you need to switch magazines quickly.

Also, Taurus had to recall a mess of them because they forgot to stamp the caliber on the gun. You might feel like questioning the efficacy of Taurus's quality control/assurance* department.

(I've had a few things to say about the gun. And no, I'm not getting one, unless somebody gives it to me free for evaluation.)
* Whatever the term du jour is.


Deadstick said...

Just guessing here, but I suspect the freebie isn't gonna happen...;-)

Robert Fowler said...

I got to handle one yesterday. A friend bought it. It's a strange looking thing and that whole pinch pull mag thing would get someone hurt in a real gun fight.

He paid way too much for his (right at 400). I'm going to pass.

I'm still looking for my holy grail 9mm, a S&W model 39. Most of the ones I can find are over priced. I passed up one at the local gun show for 350 and now I'm kicking myself. Oh well, we live and learn.