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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tabbie Cleaing

Leave it to Frothy to come in on the side of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Another cop gets confused between a gun and a Taser. One of the few cops I know who carries a Taser carries it in a crossdraw holster, which probably minimizes the chances of making a mistake like this. Unlike in California, the Oklahoma cops seem to be taking the "oh well, shit happens, whaddya want from us" line. Which might change if video surfaces.

Old NFO has a couple of books out. The link will take you to the first one. I enjoyed them both.

Went to a bowling pin match yesterday. I continued my streak of being able to shoot far better with a revolver than one of those newfangled self-litterers. Bowling pins are devilishly hard to shoot, especially considering that if you don't hit them squarely on their CG, they'll fall over and roll around on the table (you have to knock them back off the table to score). And then there are the ones that have been shot up and have added weight from the bullets trapped inside. I didn't feel too bad at my performance with a revolver, considering I was using a Model 15.


Old NFO said...

Thanks, and glad you liked them!

dinthebeast said...

The "cop gets confused..." link is taking me to the Santorum page, just FYI.

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

Thanks! Fixed it.

CenterPuke88 said...

While ol'backwash is twisting it to justify, he does have one valid point, one. He should be able to get a print shop to print his "God hates Fags" signs. The message is hateful, but legal and protected. The print shop may decide to remove it's name/logo, but should fulfill the order, even if it was a deliberate provocation, because that's the whole point.

We need to be even on this...if the biggest bigot in town orders (and pays for) a catered KKK spread, the town's town's African-American baker should hold his nose and fill it. And then can sue if they libel his/her cooking and service...and have them prosecuted if they abuse the catering staff. We can't shout down those we object to for not following the rules and then ignore those on our side who do the same.

Comrade Misfit said...

When the Spawn of Phelps go to the Rainbow Pride Print Shop to get their signs made or the Klan wants to have their banquet catered from Auntie's Authentic Soul Food, get back to me.

However, as for a self-styled Christian refusing to do print jobs for gays, that's really happened.

3383 said...

If I refuse to print placards because of their content, it is not the same as refusing to print placards because the potential customers are white or "Christian" WBCers. And a caterer can refuse to cater the Klan banquet, as long as the caterees race isn't the reason.
Ever seen a sign that states "we reserve the right to refuse service"?
So yes, Santorum is still an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I think the cop probably made an honest mistake. If you read enough aviation accident reports you will find that often when an engine fails the pilots will shut down the good engine by mistake. It is so common a problem that pilots are taught to cross check in the simulator. If #1 engine has failed the copilot will grasp the #1 power lever and state "#1 selected, confirm." the pilot then has to look at the power lever and state "#1 selected, confirm, shut off". Only after this confirmation is the power lever moved.

Go here


and scroll down to the FDR graphics and look at the CLA (Condition Lever Angle) and PLA (Power Lever Angle) reading. One of the pilots shut down the good engine.


CenterPuke88 said...

Hummmmm, my quick response has vanished into the ether.

Comrade, I disagree not a whit about your point, but by the same token, the threats and abuse directed at the owners of the "Christian" Pizza Parlor are just as wrong. We need to apply the standards both ways and try to get people to understand that. Till then, anything of this sort seems to revert to the Rethuglican checklist of suppression and abuse.

In order to really move past this shit, we need people to understand that even when the person is completely wrong, threatening to kill them is just as wrong. It's just like slut shaming and the avalanche of rape threats any outspoken women receives, it wrong, plain and simple.

CenterPuke88 said...

Comrade, the case of Bill Jack, who was refused by three bakeries in Colorado last summer, when he requested bible shaped cakes with "homosexuality is a detestable sin". Complaint investigated by the State and the decision was the denial wasn't because of his faith, but because the businesses considered his messages hateful and offensive.

Now, I'm kinda torn on this one. I hate his speech, but he should be able to make the speech. If he wanted a message advocating stoning homosexuals, I'd have been more comfortable with the decision, but at what point does that become yelling fire in a crowded theater? Westboro constantly uses signs advocating killing people, but it's protected speech...

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, there is a difference between discrimination and freedom of speech.

"I'm not going to make a cake for you because yer a faggot" is discrimination. "I'm not going to make a 'Happy Birthday, Beloved Fuhrer' cake for you" is not discrimination. And unless the "no Hitler cakes for you" baker is a government entity, the refusal isn't illegal.

You want to engage in hateful speech? Fine. But that does not mean that I have to either listen or sell you a megaphone.