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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Guilty Fucker; Barney Fife Edition

Less than three weeks after San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputies beat the shit out of a guy, the County is paying him off to the tune of $650,000 to make a potential civil case go away.

That suggests to me that the County's attorneys thought that there was little chance in hell that they'd ever prevail in court and that a jury would probably ding them for one or more orders of magnitude more in damages and punies. And besides the hefty damages, because it'd be a civil rights case, the County would have to pay for both sets of attorneys, as well.

Now the question will be as to what disciplinary actions or criminal charges will be filed against the cops who administered the beating. I'm betting "none", but I'm a bit cynical.

Meanwhile, across the country, the Baltimore cops are busy trying to cover up investigating the hell out of the death of a man who was arrested. Seems that while he was in the paddy wagon, his spine, somehow, was mysteriously nearly severed. Apparently, the cops are saying that his neck was broken because they didn't give him his inhaler, which makes zero sense.


CenterPuke88 said...

Having watched the video (go ahead, it's tough to watch) of the guy getting dragged into the wagon, those cops beat the shit outta him after stopping him for running from police. Not a crime.

Nangleator said...

"Punitive" measures against cops who demonstrate the only skills required and demanded by every cop department in the whole police state system?

Certainly not, especially when lawsuit payoffs come directly out of taxpayer wallets.

Wraith said...

"Yep, he shot himself 19 times in the back with three different calibers, Your Honor. Messiest suicide our department's ever witnessed."