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Thursday, April 23, 2015

FBI "Integrity"-- It Is to Laugh

I reject the premise contained in the headline to this piece:
The FBI Used to Have Integrity. Now Agents Lie, Cheat, and Break the Law.
I reject that because of things that we know that the FBI did. The FBI rigged the case against Ethyl Rosenberg to pressure her into testifying against her husband. In essence, she was electrocuted for not ratting out her husband.

The FBI harassed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., not because of any suspicion that he was breaking the law, but because J. Edgar Hoover thought them uppity darkies should be kept in their place. So Hoover's FBI lied to get wiretaps and monitored his every move, all without an iota os probably cause.

The FBI spied on those who were opposed to the Vietnam War. The Feebies engaged in illegal searches, wiretaps and all manner of police-state fuckery, much of which came to light when the FBI was given a taste of its own medicine in 1971.*

The FBI did their level best to frame people, including Richard Jewell, Judi Bari and Dr. Steven Hatfill. And then there are two FBI touchstones of the 1990s: Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Then there has been the FBI's conduct over the last 14 years of finding a group of impressionable morons, persuading them to become wannabee terrorists and then arresting them need not be gone over in any great detail.

So no, I don't accept the premise that the FBI had any integrity to lose.
* A story that the New York Times initially refused to print.


mikey said...

Ah hell, they murdered Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd in 1934 in one of the most blatant pre-drone era extra-judicial killings in history.

It's always funny to me that they expect us to believe THEIR narrative when the truth is so obviously something else....

Expatriate Owl said...

My former client was the victim of a multi-million dollar defraudment; the case made the newspapers internationally. My client went to testify at the grand jury proceeding, and gave the government all they needed to prosecute the case.

But the FBI steadfastly refused to disclose to my client the whereabouts of the stolen money until it was too late.

That was the main case; the case I had was a spin-off when the perp, who had fled the country, sued my client and others for what was the payback for the money he had embezzled from them in the first place.

It all could have been avoided if the FBI had informed us what the perp did with the money.

Robert Fowler said...

Famous But Incompetent.