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Friday, April 24, 2015

"HK. Because We Suck. And the Bundeswehr Hates Us."

The G36 rifle, sold by HK to the German Army, is a serious piece of shit and the Germans are dumping them.

Apparently, when the rifle gets hot, a soldier can't count on hitting anything outside of Sten gun distances.

The rifle has a "pencil barrel"; heating and inaccuracy is not an unknown problem. Which suggests to me that the German Army was more concerned about weight than having a fighting rifle when they adopted it in the 1990s. With the Cold War over, the Germans probably didn't think they'd ever need to fight a war, so why buy a heavier and more expensive rifle than what was needed for a parade force?

HK: Makers of military rifles for countries that don't fight wars.


Deadstick said...

6 meters in 500...that's 41 MoA. Yecchh.

" HK: Makers of military rifles for countries that don't fight wars."

Well actually, that might be a refreshing role for Deutschland...

Comrade Misfit said...

One of the ideas of NATO was to get the Germans some comfort over not really having defensible borders.

Actually, when you get down to it, that was a reason behind the Warsaw Pact: The Russians don't have defensible borders.

jon spencer said...

Wasn't there something about forging acceptance /proofing stamps too?