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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Corporate-Christianist Brainwashing of America

The "America is a Christian Nation" crap has only been around for about seventy or so years. It's basically advertising by a group of amoral sociopaths (corporations) to wrap themselves in the mantle of religion.

And it's worked. The Preachers to Millionaires (now billionaires, I guess) just skipped over those passages in the Bible about loving others and caring for the poor and the sick because there was no money in it for them. In short, money bought a religious cloak for greed and naked self-interest.

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CenterPuke88 said...

So the Corporations and TV Evangelists fill the Sadducees roles, then the TEA Party and newer Evangelists come along as the Pharisees. Sounds like it's about time for a change...of course all the religious types have no idea what any of the above might actually suggest as the words of "their" God are twisted and dictated to them by the elite, er, ministers and Walmart or the Koch brothers.

I suspect that the Secularization of Europe is the example that will follow in the U.S., with the South taking the longest, and the Baptists in the role of the Muslims. It is interesting how, as Europe became more secular, more social welfare was established...only to be shredded by the Church of Capitalism.

It is pretty easily explained that the socia welfare net was encouraged by the recovery from WW2. What is more concerning is how globalization begat the destruction of that same net.