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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Louisiana to Consider a "We Hate You Feelthy Faggots" Law

That's basically the thrust of a law proposed by one of the hate-based legislators in the state. And of course, Bobby Jindal, the Mouth-Breather-in-Chief, is all in favor of it.

The knots and twists these assclowns are getting themselves into by trying to couch bigotry and hatred as religious freedom is truly astonishing to watch. The backers of the original bill in India, for example, weren't originally shy about their law being a shield for bigotry, though they couched it, of course, as freedom of religion.

But telling the truth about their motivation isn't within them. So they bear false witness about what they are fighting against.

Funny thing: They are all upset at the idea of "participating in a same-sex marriage ceremony". I've been to a few weddings, both gay and straight, and I have never seen a caterer "participate" in the ceremony. The caterers show up, serve the food and then clean up afterwards. They "participate" to the same extent that a restaurant "participates" when a few businessmen get together for lunch. In both examples, nobody is asking the caterers or the waitress to chime in on the merits of (or approve) either the wedding or the business deal in question.

The line I've heard from the Talibanistas when I was younger was "love the sinner, hate the sin." Seems to me that they've shortened that up a mite.

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Deadstick said...

The victim card is the only one they have left...