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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Shade of Ayn Rand is Probably Pretty Pissed Off

Rand probably thought that she wrote the seminal work for the wingnuts.
The Tennessee state house of representatives ignored serious constitutional concerns – and the wishes of Republican leaders in statehouse – in voting to make the Bible the official state book. The chamber approved the measure 55-38 on Wednesday. It is sponsored by Republican representative Jerry Sexton, a former pastor, who argued that his proposal reflects the Bible’s historical, cultural and economic impact in Tennessee.
Rand was pretty much an atheist, which hasn't slowed her deification by the `tards. She likely would have regarded what happened in Tennessee as appalling.

And it's rather interesting how the conservatives can abandon their stance on being pro-Constitution whenever it suits them. If adopting a religious tome as the state book isn't a violation of the First Amendment in their eyes, then they might have well have passed a bill that says that the First Amendment has no effect in Tennessee.

Of course, if somebody had proposed adopting the Koran as an official state book, the same people would be screaming "First Amendment" at the top of their lungs.


Marc said...

Well, in their eyes there is the "True Religion", and all those other wacky cults. And as you stated, the Constitution is only good in their eyes when it suits them, otherwise it is 'just a piece of paper'.

Anonymous said...

For way too many people, checks and balances, separation of powers, due process -- really, all that constitutional stuff -- is there for two reasons:
1. To allow good guys to prevent bad guys in power from doing too much of what they want to do.
2. To not get in the way of good guys in power doing whatever they think best.
Lord Acton was basically dead wrong, you see.