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Monday, April 13, 2015

Go Heavy on the Chapstik; Gun-Writers Edition

The NRA show is in full swing and that means that out will come the usual stories about the newest blaster by some company.

In this case, HK. Look, you might have to go into your gun shop and think about buying a gun based on one or two coon-fingering sessions, but the Pros from Dover ought to be a little more restrained in their writing. Let them go put 300 or so rounds through the piece and then write a review. These "I got to handle the New Chromium Death-26" reviews are the sort of shit-ass writing that heralded the Colt All-American 2000 and the Remington R51.

As for as it being a great concealment gun, allow me to point out that compared to the HK P30SK, the Ruger LC9s is nearly a half-inch thinner, six ounces lighter (and a hundred-fifty cheaper).

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mikey said...

I dunno. My HK USP .45 is by far the nicest auto I've owned (Disclaimer: I never actually owned a P226). I like the way it handles, points and shoots and it is reliable with all sorts of ammo. So I'm probably a little too ready to give them the benefit of the doubt...