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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Greediness of Corporations; UPS Edition

You might recall that, back when fuel prices were north of $4/gallon, the shipping companies began tacking on "fuel surcharges" to the cost of shipping shit. UPS was one of those companies.

I shipped the slide of a newly-acquired heater to Trijicon to have the sights relamped. The box weighed, with all of the stuffing I put in, a pound and a half.

UPS dinged me fifty-two cents for a fuel surcharge. The price of fuel is about two bucks a gallon cheaper than it was back then. So I'm guessing that fuel would have to be free before those greedheads removed the charge.

It's probably fitting that those assholes paint their trucks brown.

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Anonymous said...

UPS's corporate SOP is highway robbery. When UPS brings a parcel into Canada from the USA, they charge a minimum of $30 brokerage fee, whether there is any duty payable or not. Canada Post which has unionized government workers makes a profit with a $5 brokerage fee.