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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Twenty Years Ago

A small group of far-right assholes blew up the Federal building in Oklahoma City. 168 people were killed, including 19 children at a day care center in the building. It took ten hours to reach all of the survivors. Over 20 other buildings either collapsed from the blast or were so badly damaged that they had to be torn down.

The lead asshole was executed six years later. His main accomplice is in a Federal supermax, located on a remote mountaintop.

It might be worth recalling how dead-nuts certain the various government agencies and pundits were initially that Muslims were responsible.


ShortWoman said...

I remember that day. It was a Wednesday, my day off. My then-husband had planned to drive up to OKC from Fort Worth to interview for a residency and I can't recall why that fell through, but just as well it did. I remember calling my boss at work and telling her to turn on the TV in the office *now.* She replied "Oh honey, I see it."

And yes, I remember people blaming the "arabs," and I remember what a huge coincidence it was that they happened to pull over McVeigh. For that matter, I thought it was interesting that they executed him so fast.

dinthebeast said...

I remember that day also. We had the contract to deliver furniture and appliances for the Navy Exchange in the Alameda Naval Air Station. When we showed up in our yellow 20' bobtail (bought used from Penske, with the decals taken off) they made us turn around and come in through a side gate, where we were greeted with a small swarm of very polite men who searched every inch of our truck before letting us in. We were puzzled, as we hadn't heard of the bombing yet, and wondering whether we could expect that sort of treatment usually. As it turned out, no. After that one time, we just drove through the front gate, and showed the guard our stack of service orders to get waved through.

-Doug in Oakland

Moe said...

How many did Janet kill at Waco?


Comrade Misfit said...

Nice job of trolling.

More to answer your question: Far fewer than Kissinger killed in Santiago.

CenterPuke88 said...

Of course, Janet isn't a Muslim either...

Wanna have fun, let the trolls throw up their favorite bogeymen and then note they all seem to be Anglo, mostly male, and generally Christian. Seems like we're profiling the wrong people.

Wraith said...

Gee, I wonder why they thought that?

Amount of 'Domestic Extremist' incidents in the past 30 years: not too many.

Amount of actual Muslim terrorist incidents in the past 30 years: a shitload.

When someone burns a cross on your lawn, who do you naturally suspect? Maybe in a few cases, it'll turn out to be a militant atheist protest, but you're going to assume it's the Klan or another bunch of Nazi assholes until proven otherwise, right?

It's also worth recalling how 'dead-nuts certain' the Mushroom Media is, that every single act of violence that ever happens in America is the fault of RAACISTTEABAGGERKOCHBROTHERSGLENNBECKOMGs...until it's conclusively proven otherwise, at which time the retraction will be printed in 1-point font somewhere in the back of the Classifieds.