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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

The F-35 "Turkey Two":

Go about to 1:50 in to see it land vertically.

It seems that Putler has been LockMark's best salesman.


w3ski said...

Was it the F 35 or the F 22 that had the habit of denying oxygen to the pilot?

Comrade Misfit said...

That was the F-22.

Old NFO said...

F-35 has has some 'similar' problems with O2 delivery. I saw Palmdale, Pax River, and Kadena in those shots. Those birds DO get around! And yes, they ARE that noisy!

Ten Bears said...

In all the years I worked around helicopters I never thought the word "elegant" would apply*, but watching this has led to a greater appreciation of drawing lift by creating a vacuum over the aircraft with rotating wings as opposed to forcing yourself aloft through brute force. Elegant as a lightsaber is to a broadsword, vape v weed: clean, civilized, of a better time.

Haven't seen Palmdale (thank goodness) since I last hitch-hiked out of there over fifty years ago. Back when sonic booms were a near daily thing.

*There are "elegant" helicopters, just not any of those I ever worked around ...

JustMusing said...

The other "Vertical". About 1:30.