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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Stench of a Coverup

The watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) abandoned efforts to recover missing text messages from across its various agencies deleted in the wake of Jan. 6 and minimized its criticism of those that failed to produce them, according to emails released by lawmakers.

The evidence, released Monday by the House committees on Oversight and Homeland Security, was accompanied by a renewed call for Inspector General Joseph Cuffari to step aside from his investigations into how DHS agencies responded to the Jan. 6 attack.
The panel said it has also obtained evidence that Cuffari’s office has not attempted to seek records from a former DHS official’s personal cell phone.


Text messages received and sent by top Pentagon officials who were part of the Trump administration on Jan. 6, 2021, have been wiped from their government-issued phones, according to a federal court filing that cites statements by the Defense Department and Army.

The text messages from that day — when a mob of Trump supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol — “were not preserved, and therefore could not be searched,” according to that filing

Right. Text messages around Trump's failed coup were just routinely deleted and nobody thought anything about it?

That defies reason.


Palolololo said...

Better to be busted for destruction of evidence than provide evidence of seditious conspiracy.

Ten Bears said...

There are no such thing as "No Back-Ups" ~ those files are out there, somewhere ...

w3ski said...

Is this wipe the phones thing business as usual? Did President Obama's people all have their phones wiped at the end of his term? If not, then there is another level of bullshit on this pile.
Hard to even believe there are no copies, hard drives, memory chips, etc with the information available.

dinthebeast said...

But her emails...

-Doug in Sugar Pine