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Thursday, August 11, 2022

And So, It Begins, as Felonious Donnie's Wet-Brained Supporters Begin Acting Out


dan gerene said...

At one time most people would say the type of people that are Trumpanzies are just making noise and throwing their own luggage around. But after Jan6 it looks more like some of them, like this guy, are going to go all out and be a martyr for their T$$$p god.

Eck! said...

Its why many call it the cult of Drumpf.
Here's you koolaid, next!

to me it takes a special breed of stupid to risk ones
honor, treasure, and life to man that doesn't care
about anyone but himself.


w3ski said...

I guess a suicide by cop wasn't good enough for this guy. He wanted extra points for suicide by FBI. But he blew his chance? A real F up.

dinthebeast said...

After spewing violent nonsense on Fergus' Truth Social, someone told this guy that his information had been forwarded to the FBI. He reportedly replied "Bring it on."
After his violent fit, they shot him in a cornfield.
Maybe think it through before you ask?

-Doug in Sugar Pine