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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Do You Have a Regal Cinema Gift Card or User Points?

If so, use them up as fast as you can. They are about to become worthless.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Cineworld, the London-based exhibitor that’s the second-largest in the world, is expected to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States and declare insolvency in the U.K. (a legal action similar to Chapter 11). Regal Cinemas, the cinema brand that operates in the U.S. did not return a call seeking comment, but earlier this week Cineworld itself hinted at the possibility in a statement that warned of immediate measures needed to deal with debts.

Unless things have changed since I did that kid of work well over a decade ago, gift cards and reward points make you an "unsecured creditor" and you go back to the end of the line for payment. If, for example, you had a $100 gift card, you'd get maybe five or ten bucks back. If even that.

So, if you have a gift card and/or reward points, use them up. Take your family to see something. Treat them to overpriced popcorn and shit at the concession stand, whatever it takes, so that when they do file for bankruptcy, your balance is zero.


Ten Bears said...

Bigger than just saving money, this could be the end of a slice of twentieth century American ... a last cowboy song, the end of a hundred waltz; the voices sad as they're singin' along, another piece of America gone.

w3ski said...

We lost our Regal even before the covid hit. I've read the building is next to unusable now from deterioration. Wasn't much of a movie-goer myself but it was nice to have around. Oh well.

Spud said...

I grew up in a family which owned an indoor and a drive-in theater. I left that indentured servitude ha ha , when I got out of high school !
My parents sold both shortly before and after around 2004. They got out of that dinosaur business , just in time. Video and such , flat killed the appeal of spending lots , just to see something six months ahead of the home theater crowd.
COVID , was the final stake through its heart.

Next to fall... The music recording bidness.

Paul W said...

It's like a $25 gift card and I may have used it once already. I don't feel the need to confirm it. I can eat the loss and move on.