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Saturday, August 20, 2022

TOFF's Great Rat Hunt

According to multiple sources close to Trump, suspicions initially centered on Nicholas Luna, the longtime Trump body-man who stepped back from his duties around March, and Molly Michael, the former Trump White House Oval Office operations chief, who remains on payroll but is due to soon depart.
The focus in the middle of the week shifted to Mar-a-Lago employees and other staff at the members-only resort in Palm Beach, Florida, the sources said, seemingly in part because the FBI knew exactly which rooms and where in the rooms they needed to search.

But towards the weekend, and following the revelation that the FBI removed a leather-bound box from the property and already knew the location of Trump’s safe, scrutiny shifted once more to anyone else who had not yet been suspected – including members of Trump’s family, the sources said

He can't blame his dog, because he doesn't have one. It's pretty weird that he's about the only president in modern memory who didn't have a pet, other than Steve Doocy.

(Paranoia will destroy ya.)


Stewart Dean said...

The question really is what person with the IQ of a flatworm or better would sensibly spend time with Trump and his fellow psychopathic lunatics? I would make some crack about "What are they doing, playing some sort of King of the Hill, wherein the goal is being crazier, more psychopathic and unhinged than everyone else"....except that's exactly what they're doing.
I pointed out to someone that the paradigm has changed: being the most corrupt, the most venal, the most unhinged is exactly what gives you points. Character, integrity, honesty, actually getting shit done? That's SO 20th century.
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Listen to this guy's take in a Commonwalth Club presentation

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Is this why we stocking up on popcorn?

dinthebeast said...

What, he thought the FBI wouldn't know those things?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

Here's the link I should have included at the end.

If America votes for sanity at the midterms, then I'll breakout the popcorn.

Paul W said...

trump, muttering to Rudy: "But I didn't know, until this very day, it was... Barron all along."

Eck! said...

I'd laugh like hell if the "rat" used/hacked that
great surveillance system to get the goods on dumpf.
You know the one good enough to see FBI planting

Its not like the idiot to keep real secrets unless
it involves crime.


Eck! said...

As to his demand via social media..

Here's how its done....

Ask thrice and be told BS or ignored.

Then get a subpoena, and only get some and be told it all of it.
Assuming its correctly done.

Maybe if you can get a warrant and then the FBI will accuse
you of planting stuff. since they made copies of everything they got.
And the claimed planted material is not there so you get charged
with lying to the Feds.

The feds get arrest warrant based on his aggressive actions
and lies.

Word to DUMPF, stop antagonizing the bear, he bites.


seafury said...

Still gonna be EXTREMELY shocked if anything happens to him. Garland will take the rest of the year and decide before Christmas that prosecuting an ex president is something that would destroy the republic. He'll be very concerned, in a Susan Collins type of way and hope his admonishment will make Trump think twice about his future conduct. I think there will still be a sweep of the midterms by the rethugs, because after all there's nothing in the good book about Social Security or the rest of the democrap ideas. I really hope i'm wrong but look at it from the MSM's point of view. If Trump makes his way back think of the RATINGS!!!

Robbie said...

You all should invest in popcorn futures.

dan gerene said...

I ran across trumpanzies screaming that the FBI went through Melanie's underwear drawer as seen on surveillance TV. A little thought occurred then, why would they have cameras in her bedroom especially pointed at her underwear drawer? Is that the only way trump can see her or is he charging for "Pay Per View"?

Eck! said...

One comment...

FORMER president Trump. You know the guy that stole the seal
and papers.

Why because he believes in his tiny little heart that he was
reelected, and not one of his failed lawyers produced even
one person that voted illegally.

Maybe a 72 hour psych hold be conducted if he is arrested.