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"Foreign Relations Boil Down to Two Things: Talking With People or Killing Them." -- Unknown

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Running Down Rundo

Pro tip: If you're on the lam, stay off social media. Because if you don't, you'll fuck up and be located.

Rob Rundo, a neo-Nazi who is on the run from rioting and conspiracy charges, was located easily by Bellingcat in Bulgaria. He seems to think that he's got some sort of fascist brand that has to be promoted. With luck, he;ll promote himself right into a prison cell.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Goombye, Stewie

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was convicted Tuesday of seditious conspiracy for a violent plot to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential win, handing the Justice Department a major victory in its massive prosecution of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

It wasn't a complete win for the Feds, as not all defendants were convicted of all of the charges. But they all were convicted of something. The ones they were convicted of can put then away until the 2040s, if so sentenced.

Just another sad entry in the "Fucked Around and Found Out" file.

Groaning These Down, Here

Senator Cassidy, You Are Flat-Out Wrong

You are wrong about that. That is, indeed, the Republican Party. The TOFF is the de facto leader of your party, whether you like it or not.

I don't see the Republicans having the courage to kick the Asset and his neo-nazi ilk out of the party, not until enough people of conscience and integrity who are Republicans leave the party. Which I doubt if will happen anytime soon. The ony thing that prodded the GOP sixty years ago to kick out the Birchers was revulsion over the Birchers' dancing in the blood of JFK.

If rampart antisemitism and a coup attempt aren't enough for Republicans to disown Trump, it's hard to see what would be enough. Mel Gibson must be cursing his timing; nowadays, his tirade at the deputy who arrested him for DUI sixteen years ago would have been shrugged off in the Trumpian Era.

Anything short of The Orange Demigod's presiding over a cross-burning will be rationalized away by those hand-wringing Republicans, as they have done everything else.

Shorter GOP: "It's Only a Fair Election if We Win."

Officials in rural, Republican-controlled Cochise County of southeastern Arizona, near Tucson, voted to delay certifying the results of this year's midterm elections and to miss the state's legal deadline of Monday, despite finding no legitimate problems with the local counts.

Their guy lost, there is no known problem in their county's conduct of the election, but they're refusing to certify it because, in short, their guy lost.

That is how a goodly number of Republicans roll these days: It's only a fair election if their side wins.

They are, frankly, wannabee fascists.

Monday, November 28, 2022


One more lifetime resident in the NYS penal system.

Every Cargo Airplane is Now a Bomber

The Zoomies have tested a weapon system that turns a lot of cargo airplanes into bombers. The Rapid Dragon is a palletized cruise missle. The loadmasters shove the pallet out of the back, a parachute stabilizes the pallet and then the missile launches.

The term "force multiplier" gets tossed around a lot, but it seems applicable in this case.

"Every Trash-Hauler, a Bomber."

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Unusual Airplane Crash

A Mooney M20J was snared by powerlines:

I've not heard of one like this before.

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

F-16 engine test:

29,000 lbs of thrust, which ain't exactly beanbag.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

TOFF's Nazi Dinner

He had dinner with Kanye and Nick Fuentes. Most Republicans, except for Camden Chris, have not said a peep about El Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago breaking bread with notorious bigots.

The Old Orange Fuck denies knowing who Fuentes is, but it's beyond the bounds of credulity that he would sit down to dinner with strangers. If only because he has a fucking Secret Service detail that would insist on knowing who is at his table.

"Polestar" is Not a Swedish EV

It's Chinese.

Integrating China into the global economy has done fuck-all for global peace and security.


Chip at the vet's

"Lemme out, see! I've done nuttin', see! I want my mouthpiece, see!"

(He was sneezing a lot. Vet thinks he has allergies. They had a lot of animals come in for that, recently.)

Friday, November 25, 2022

Kick Herschel the Carpetbagger to the Curb

Turns out he was probably ineligible to run for the Senate in Georgis as the dumbass declared that he was a resident of Texas so he could get a tax break.

Republicans sure love committing electoral fraud, don't they? There's also tax fraud (in case he's a a Georgia resident who is claiming a homestead exemption in Texas) or perjury (swearing that he lived in Georgia when he didn't).

Walker is the sort of low-wattage fraud who seems to gravitate towards being a Republican political candidate.

Because It's Friday

More British steam

If you think that 45596 is puffing a lot for the rotation rate of her driving wheels, you're right. She's a three-cylinder locomotive.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Stuffing These Down, Here

Happy Thanksgiving

Playing the entire song on the radio was a Thanksgiving tradition. Some of them were commercial stations-- almost nineteen minutes of no commercials. And some of them played it twice, at noon and 3 PM. WBCN did that, back in the day. But they changed formats (and call sign), so I don't know what they do, now.

It was basically true, at least the first part. The judge in the tale was really blind, he had a Seeing-Eye dog. He played himself in the movie (as did Officer Obie).

I hope that if you're in America, you and yours have a good Thanksgiving. Try not to punch out your TOFF-fellating uncle or your commie nephew.

And please, enjoy the day without resorting to rampant consumerism.

Or burning down your hostess's house.

So celebrate the day when people, who were being oppressed for their religion, landed on a new land where their descendants could do unto others as was done unto them. Which is the Christian way.

"HAL, Land the Airplane, Please."

That seems to be the way that the world is going and the FAA isn't happy about it. The Euros, on the other hand, are embracing the idea that airliners will be flown by computers, with a single human monitor watching (and trying, with limited success, to stay awake).

I don't know how this is going to work. The trend is going towards a human safety pilot who will do all of his or her flying in a simulator, never flying the airplane for real because of the perceived risk of upsetting the passengers. I can envision that it would become a safety violation for a single pilot to take control, absent an emergency.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Jenna Ellis is a Serious Piece of Garbage

But that's about what one would expect from the Christian Taliban.

As for Republicans, the father of the armed asswipe was more concerned that his son might be gay than he was about his killing people.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Those utter assholes, like DeSanctimonious, spent a lot of time yammering about drag queens and claiming, without any evidence, that they were grooming kids. They've been going after librarians and coffee houses that hosted drag queen events, The Proud Boys have been harassing people (most of them masked, because they're cowards).

And now, some wet-brain has acted on all of those lies and killed people.

Funny thing about all that: The churches are full of people who are grooming kids. Just about every denomination that yu can name has had a scandal about it, either large or small. But you don't hear Abbott or MTG or DeSanctimonious talking about that, do you? You don't see these armed lunatics shooting up a Roman Catholic seminary or a SBC meeting because of that, do you?

Five people are dead and more than two dozen people because some impressionable room-temperature IQ jerkoff was programmed to hate by those assholes in the party of hatred, via their version of Radio Rwanda. The proof is in this fact: Not one of those assholes uttered a single vowel of condolences after the shooting. They have not a single shred of humanity in their hell-destined souls.

Triggering These Down, Here

Nazis of a Feather, Flock Together

You know, don't you, that when Fuentes is talking to his people about Kanye, the N-word is frequently used.

The funny thing is that since Fuentes is partially Hispanic, the only job that the Nazis he worships would give him if they took power would be that of sonderkommando.

More Horseshit From an Expected Source

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Braver Than Texas Cops

A 22-year-old gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and leaving 25 injured before he was subdued by “heroic” patrons and arrested by police who arrived within minutes, authorities said Sunday.
The gunman was confronted by “at least two heroic people” who fought and subdued the suspect...

Why the West (and, mostly, us) Is Winning in Ukraine

For a not-large expenditure on the part of a number of NATO nations, the Ukrainians have significantly degraded Russia's conventional military capabilities and demonstrated the inferiority of Russian (and Chinese) military equipment.  What nation's military, seeking to upgrade its capabilities, would willingly settle for second (or third)-rate equipment? And, for all the arguments that were made for many years regarding the folly of Central and Western Europe relying on Russian energy, the Russians have driven that point home with a mallet.

The money quote:

In conclusion, on so many levels, continued US support for Ukraine is a no-brainer from a bang for buck perspective. Ukraine is no Vietnam or Afghanistan for the US, but it is exactly that for Russia. A Russia continually mired in a war it cannot win is a huge strategic win for the US.

Why would anyone object to that?

Indeed. Especially because the people who are doing the bleeding in this war, the Ukrainians, recognize that their national interest lies in beating the Russians.

And this:

Bangity; New Heater Ed.

I thought that I was going to close out this year without buying a new gun. That didn't happen.

This is a ANIB Colt Python. The previous owner installed a set of Wilson sights, which, to my mind, are even a bit better than S&W adjustable sights.

Colt really screwed the pooch on their rear sights. From early on, I heard story after story that the rear sight was difficult to adjust, that it used the tiniest of set screws and, if one didn't drench the internals with locktite, it would not hold a zero. I wondered if one took out the teeny set screw to locktite it after zeroing, if that would change things. The answer I got was "maybe."

Anyhoo, I wasn't going to drop Python money on one until the sight issue was fixable. Colt ought to just go ahead and license either Wilson's sights or S&W's rear sights. The front sight, though, is superior to a S&W's. Unlike current-generation S&Ws, whose front sight blades are secured with a roll-pin, Colt's front sight is secured with an Allen set screw. That makes it far easier to change, but then it should be secured with purple Locktite.[1]

The previous owner had bought this gun, put in new sights, then decided that he liked his King Cobra better and he sent it on down the road. To me.

This was the first three-shot group fired in the sighting-in process.

This gun has the sweetest double-action trigger pull that I have experienced in a long time. There's no stacking at the end, it just pulls right through. It is almost as easy to shoot accurately double-action as it is single-action. The single-action trigger, though, is somewhat heavy. It's not gritty, just heavy. It's nowhere near as light as a well shot-in Model 66 or a Model 27. The trigger's face is serrated, which is more of a gamer problem.

I realized, rather quickly, that it is not comfortable to shoot with a high grip like a Smith. Doing that, it beat up my hand even with .38 range fodder. Held a little bit lower, it feels fine and shoots well.

The new Python could be the best revolver on the market, other than a MR73, which costs three times as much and, according to one user, are not impervious to the rigors of competitive shooting. The fit and finish of a new Python is far and away superior to that of a current-generation Model 66. The double-action trigger pull is significantly heavier on my 66-8, which has over a thousand cycles on it.[2] The single-action trigger pull is heavier.

Is a new-generation Python as good as the old ones? If you want a "royal blue" one, you're going to have to find an old one. The older Pythons would go out of time if shot (or dry-fired) a lot.[3] The new model Pythons have been designed to be more durable.

Is a new Python worth the price difference over a similar Smith & Wesson? That's a personal call. But if you're in the market for a new .357, you should check one out for yourself.
[1] Blue might be OK, but never use red, unless you intend to never remove the front sight.
[2] Between shooting and dry-firing.
[3] To be fair, this was how older Colt, not just Pythons, were designed. The hand (the part that pushes against the cylinder's rear star to revolve it) on older Colts was a "wear part".

If They All Use the Same Software to Set Prices, Isn't That Price-Fixing?

That's the argument against the company RealPage, which seems to have a self-operating feedback loop built into its software, which jacks up rents.

If landlords talked to one another and set their rents accordingly, that would be price-fixing and some of them would end up in prison. But if software does the same thing, shouldn't that also be illegal as fuck?

We may find out.

Truth That the Appeasers (and Putinist Republicans) Will Never Understand

Putin has not given up on taking all of Ukraine. Any peace or cease-fire, now, will only enable him to rebuild his army and try again. Land for peace has a piss-poor record of success with appeasing the territorial appetites of aggressors. It seems that those arguing that the Ukrainians should agree, now, to a cease-fire are people from countries with little to no risk of having Russian soldiers crossing their borders in the near-term. The Appeasement Caucus is not from nations that border Russia. It is certainly not filled with Ukrainians, who, by a very large majority, want to expel the neo-Tsarist invaders.

When you see self-styled deep-tinkers argue for negotiating a land-for-peace deal, know that they have either argued themselves into a corner or they are getting something for their stances.

Your Sunday Morning Prop Noise


She crashed last weekend.