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Friday, August 5, 2022

They Probably Don't Have That Much Insurance

it should be common knowledge by now that Alex Jones's lawyers sent the contents of his cell phone (and a lot of other stuff) to the plaintiff's lawyers in the current defamation-damages trial. The January 6th Committee wants to see it.

That mistake may have cost Jones the farm. It might land him in court on a perjury charge, especially if the judge in the current case makes a criminal referral.

All of which means that Jones might have a colorable case for suing his attorneys for malpractice. All of the partners in that firm will also probably be liable, right down to the soles of their shoes. Houses, investment accounts, expensive toys...poof!


Ten Bears said...

I've been wondering if that's their appeal strategy ...

Stewart Dean said...

A match made in right-wing Heaven...they deserve each other and everything that comes of this. Of course, justice coming to the Right is about as likely as the Second Coming. One can hope

Fiat justitia ruat caelum

seafury said...

In the alternate universe we live in, wouldn't this be grounds for a mistrial under some form of MAGA justice? Why hasn't TFG weighed in?

Eck! said...

I think it was a case of maybe, just speculative...

Jones leans over to his lawyer and says something like,
for that verdict you don't get paid.
The lawyer replies, you just screwed yourself.
With that the email forward button was pressed.

OOps! Makes a good story, oh, right it the email was sent.

The proven lying turd has bigger issues. Never lie, shut
up or say nothing but never lie. Because if caught, we
know the rest.


Eck! said...

In maga hell
civil cases are still not Dumpf terrain.
He's too busy dodging them as well.