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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Cat Barfs on the TOFF!

The morning paper, in its first section, had two articles about the PoT, the TOFF's effect on candidates and the overall threat to demorcracy posed by the TOFF. I set the first section aside, as I just didn't feel like starting off my morning with that bullshit.

So there I was, reading about the Regal bankruptcy, and Chip was lying next to me. He hopped down onto the rug and began the "Urp..Urpp.. Hack" routine. I said to myself "oh, hell no", held him in place and then put that section of the paper in front of him. He wanted to move, but he couldn't, and he barfed onto the newspaper. When he finished, I let him go, folded up the newspaper and threw it into the trash.


Eck! said...

Small step up from bird cage liner.... ;)

A different caterday post!

But hey I'm a fan of Chip!


Boots Mom said...

Dear Chip,
Always Loved you. Now, it is because of your exquisite Taste !
I will talk to my Boot about this.
Thank you, My Feline Ambassador to Excellent in Propriety.

MarkS said...

Curious about TOFF.Google has been no help. Enlighten please.

JustMusing said...

I suspect all of us have an incipient gag reflex on seeing a TOFF photo. And I mute the evening news any time he speaks in an A/V clip as that only makes the gag worse.

Comrade Misfit said...

Marc, TOFF = Traitorous (or Treasonous) Old Fat Fuck. AKA Cadet Bone Spurs, AKA El Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago,AKA Dolt-45, etc.

Paul W said...

When describing the trump, I've gone to either "The Eternal Shitgibbon" or "Loser of the Popular Vote (Twice!)". I know they're not as easy to type as TOFF or TFG, but more upfront.

Boots Mom said...

I use Treasonous Orange Fat Freak.
Put it all together it spells Asshole !!!