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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Prop Noise

The F4U Corsair

Remember, the F3A, FG and F4U are basically the same airplane. The pre-1962 designation system was a lot of fun.


Ten Bears said...

Sort'a off-topic: yesterday I was out in the pre-dawn for a five-mile 'round Nut Isle with an ungodly number of pushups, pullups and walkin' jacks when a cop-copter flew over. I think it's a Jet Ranger but it doesn't really matter (they have a unique sound), what matters is the moonlight on the rotors and the moisture over the bay created a Maypole like visual effect, more like those old stereotypical Chinese coolie hats, a spinning top, above the aircraft, with a similar effect from the reflected moonlight off the bay below, below, and the overall effect as she was drawing away a filament-like blue, red and white flashing diamond sailing across the sky. Not unlike a Romulan War Bird ...

Paul W said...

I just love the W-wing formation of the Corsair.