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Friday, August 19, 2022

Let's Be Clear: There is No Such Thing as "the Republican Party" Anymore.

The politicians in the formerly Republican Party are nothing but the TOFF's sock-puppets. Witness this:

That's unintended irony, if there ever was any. He was the Secretary of State when his boss attempted to carry out a coup. Or it's just utter and shameless fealty to his master.

All that ignores the repeated attempts to get the TOFF to give back those classified documents. First, they asked nicely. Then they served a subpoena. The FBI met with the TOFF's lawyers, who assured the agents, in writing, that all documents had been returned. They hadn't. But Blackburn can do nothing but defend her Orange God.

Any conservative who speaks against the TOFF is ostracized. Those who don't, even if they call for violence, are embraced.

Like this asshole:

Anyone who thinks that Liz Cheney (Voldemort's daughter) is a liberal is delusing themselves. She is a solid conservative. She is loyal to the rule of law, to the Constitution, to the nation, not to any one man. She has not and will not sign onto the cult of personality that has consumed her party.
If our Republic survives in the long run, those who have hitched their starts to the Cult of Trump will be derided by history. Of that, I have no doubt whatsoever.

If you have read this far and if you are a Trumpist acolyte, ask yourself if you would have signed onto two similiar cults in Europe ten decades ago. If you would have, then reflect on how it turned out for them. Is that what you want for this country?

If joining a political cult is your bag, please, learn Russian and emigrate.


Jimmy T said...

I think this sums up the state of the GQP rather nicely...

Eck! said...

Its a cult, not a party.


ac2usn said...

To All, Rep Liz Cheney has taken a path that is out of favor with her party. In the past she won reelection by 40 points. In this primary she lost by 40 points. She stands where her principles have taken her. That said, I honor her.