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Saturday, August 6, 2022

If You Are a Woman of Child-Bearing Years, and/or
If You Are Related to a Woman of Child-Bearing Years,
If You Vote Republican, You Are Stabbing Them in the Back.

Almost every woman that I know who has had children had one or more miscarriages. This is what I fear will happen: Any woman who has a miscarriage or a stillbirth will have that event reported to law enforcement. Detectives and the prosecutors will look at the case and, if they have even a hint of suspicion that something didn't go right that could have been averted by the mother-to-be, they will press charges.

Didn't take the right vitamins? Missed a neo-natal care appointment? Maybe had a few drinks or used non-prescription drugs? Be ready for a manslaughter or even murder beef.

It has happened already. It will get worse in those states that are trying to bring about their twisted version of a theocracy.

If you are a woman and you think you may be pregnant, you should consider fleeing to a free state. If you are running a company that needs to recruit more people, you may want to think about not opening or expanding your operations in states like Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, etc.

ETA: Word is that medical recruiters trying to fill OB/GYN positions in abortion-ban states are finding it harder to recruit people.


dinthebeast said...

Add to that the states with the tightest abortion restrictions have both the worst maternal/infant mortality rates and the poorest/hardest to access healthcare for pregnant people and infants, especially for the poor.
And there was that asshole in Missouri with the spreadsheet on menstruation.
They see women as property, and goddamn it, their property is going to behave itself.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

Daughters should be included in the list.

A vote for rethug theocrazy is a vote to sentence your
daughter to a dystopian future.

Its not a speculation that the states that are most to
extreme "pro-life" are also proor for medical care and
especially Ob/gyn care and really poor for pediatric

In the end we have the mouth breathers that shunned masks
dictating health care for women.
My body my choice,
your body my choice.