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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Shorter Right-Wing Freak-Out

If the FBI can get a search warrant, signed off by a magistrate judge, and approved by the HQ of the DoJ right up to the AG to search an ex-president's home, then they can get a search warrant to search your home for very-highly classified materials, including information on nuclear weapons.

That, in a nutshell, is the complaint of the Trumpanzees. But let's be honest about this: If the TOFF killed Melania, live on Fox News, his supporters would be incensed if he was arrested.


B said...

I find it sad that you fail to see the implications stemming from this witch hunt.
The fact that the DOJ is being weaponized against one side, rather than being impartial and non political.
If they had been used by the Trump side while he was in office to go after Hillary (or Barry) in such a manner, you'd be screaming.

The fact that they can do it to him, just to make him look bad, and you approve, shows that you don't think that there should be evenhanded use of law is telling us what your character really is.

How many more times will the folks on your side keep trying? The fact that they do keep trying (and you cheer them on) is shameful.
Even many partisan Democratic supporters are finding this to be frightening and dishonorable.
I am sad for you that you can't get past your hate to see it.

seafury said...

Wait until the preznident returns, Just YOU WAIT!!! In other news, check out the Heritage foundations legal expert who says that by virtue of trump thinking he can declassify documents, they're declassifed. I can't get the link thing to work, but you're better at that than I am.

Comrade Misfit said...

Really, B? Coming for a guy who supports the last-president, who openly talked about locking up political enemies and who tried to get the DoJ to support his failed coup?

You have got a lot of damned gall, sir.

B said...

Locking up political enemies?

Nope, never. Locking up folks who have openly committed crimes? Yes.
You are mistaken or delusional for the above statement.
The fact that you claim Jan 6thg (I assume that is what you are referring to) as a "Failed Coup" makes me think you are delusional rather than mistaken.
Of course, you claim to believe that the last election was clean, so that too makes me lean towards delusional.

Ten Bears said...

No, *. "Raiding" the former pretendident's house doesn't mean they'll "raid" mine.

I've got nothing to hide, I’m so clean it’s embarrassing. The FBI is not going to come kicking down the door of my house looking for super top-secret classified US nuclear weapons documents stolen from the White House.

If you've got nothing to hide, if you're not doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to worry about, aeh? Isn't that what you people always say ... ?

Dark Avenger said...

Locking up political enemies?

Nope, never. Locking up folks who have openly committed crimes? Yes.

It’s just a coincidence that the political enemy in this case, Hillary Clinton, was accused of vague crimes.

Of course, a Trump-appointed magistrate signed the warrant, B. Was he part of the conspiracy as well?

dinthebeast said...

The last time they raided my house, I woke up from sleeping on the couch to a goddamn Berkeley cop pointing his fucking Glock at my head, so jacked up on adrenaline his hands were shaking.
My crime, the reason for the raid? My landlord had 44 grams of meth in the storage shed in the back yard. No, they didn't have authorization to come into our house, but at trial, the cop in charge said she went in "because we might find something" and the public defenders didn't even object.
What they did to Mar a Lago was not a raid. It was the execution of a legally obtained search warrant. In order to avoid such inconveniences, all Fergus had to do was a) not steal government property in the first place, or b) give the government property back when asked to do so by the government, or c) respond to the subpoena sent by the government requesting its property back or d) not lie to the government about exactly what he had stolen from it.
Availing himself of any of those perfectly reasonable options would have resulted in a less inconvenient resolution to the situation.
Fuck politics, this is about crime.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

You proved the title. Right wing freak out.

Its not a witch hunt if you find a witch. Technically
its called a fishing expedition, even when you find fish.

Its up to his lawyers to prove the fish found are actually
something else. Considering that they all played the game
its on them too.

If the come back is "they planted evidence", just don't.
You will embarrass yourself. I'd also expect you will,
as its typical your usual baseless and unsupported argument.
Further reminder hearsay is not a proof or support of
an argument.

Your starting to reach the level of lies and falsifications
where if you say hello we're going to fact check you. As
to the presnut not raging about locking up political foes
review the 30,000+ lies told and then go to the recorded

While you claim Dumpf didn't go after Hillary and Obamma,
his party the RQP did the Bengazi thing how many times?
Did he rave about that, yes he did. And if there was all
this crime and proof why is she still enjoying her
Chardonnay. Then there was the Obama birth certificate
assault. I can think of a few more that easily disproves
your baseless unproven claims.

So if you want to side with that fool its your thing and
the consequences are on you. Just remember the law Dumpf
is being hung by is one Dumpf promoted and signed.

One last thing. You are having a rant.


Eck! said...

Heritage foundation,

Conservative think tank. Sorta says it all if you reflect
on the their positions being well aligned with the extreme
right wing.

As to their legal expert, Drumpf hires from there?
That explains a lot.


Eck! said...

why is it that I have this urge to chant....


There that's better,

but all together now and louder...


I know it infantile but it was also that way before...


dan gerene said...

One of the rare times that T$$$p told the truth was when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters. As unintelligent as he seems most of the time he knows his base and how to rile them up with the right wing media's help. They have already started to "defend" their hero-god and I am afraid there will be more. The people defending him are either rabid despicable individual anti-law and order types or pathetically gullible. Vigilance should be practiced around either group.