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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Slava Ukraini!

Today is Ukraine's Independence Day. They are bracing for the Orcs to conduct more terroristic strikes.

The World's Oldest War Criminal said a few months ago that Ukraine will have to kowtow to Putler. JFK had a better take on the Russians:

“We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."

Putler is likely going to try to hang onand wear down the West. We cannot let him get away with that.


w3ski said...

Putin really got snookered. He believed his people when they spoke about the great army he had. He figured he might as well put that army to use instead of just paying to feed it. He wants glory as a conqueror that rebuilt the Russian Empire. What he never realized was that his magnificent army was all on paper. Demoralized, missing critical parts that were stolen, etc. He has an oversized 3rd world army at best and they are not about to win over a trained, equipped, and motivated real army. Now he is too proud to admit his failure, so what is next? Is he going to keep up his war of attrition or does he have some strategy to win with? It isn't going in his favor now, and he isn't taking over in the least. How long will he keep this up? Does he expect to actually win like this?
What a waste, of everything especially life.

Comrade Misfit said...

All Russia is losing is military hardware, soldiers and some economic losses. Ukraine is losing that, plus thousands of civilians, millions of people displaced, towns, cities and infrastructure smashed.

I shed zero tears for the Russians. They made their deal with the devil.

w3ski said...

You misunderstand me if you think I have any sympathy for the Russians. I want Ukraine to destroy them totally. I only question what Pooty is up to, in that he isn't winning and isn't about to just conquer them as he hoped. As in maybe, he could face savingly pullout? Full destruct is OK too as long as it doesn't take Ukrainians with it.

ac2usn said...

Given the historic maltreatment the Russians have displayed toward Ukraine there is no wonder that they are fighting to the death. To capitulate or sign treaties that are not worth the paper they are printed on would be suicide. The Ukrainians are realist, this is their fight to choose their destiny.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Putin wants to use the winter to negotiate a truce on his terms. Another La Nina winter would probably do it. Ukraine has a few weeks now to grind Russia into a stalemate this fall. Otherwise, the Germans better get that floating LNG terminal up no later than 1/1.