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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

New Collector's Item from S&W

The Model 350, a seven-shot X-frame firing the .350 Legend cartridge.

I don't know who out there is jonesing for this gun, it isn't me. I suspect Tam is right; it's going to have a hell of a muzzle flash.

More to the point, the .350 Legend is a little more powerful than the .357 Maximum; but in exchange, a shooter has to deal with moonclips, as the Legend is not only rimless, it has a rebated rim.[1]. I'm not a big fan of moonclips. One of the strengths of revolvers is that all one really needs to use them are the gun and the cartridges. There is nothing else to lose, break or buy, other than a holster.[2]

My second quibble is that I've not seen an excess of new revolvers from any maker, let alone Smith & Wesson, on the shelves of gunshops in the last two years.

But, on the other hand, this beast likely shoots pretty flat and will be pretty effective on deer at reasonable handgun hunting ranges.
[1] The .350 Legend has a rebated rim because it was designed to be usable in AR-15-pattern rifles and to use the same bolt as a .223 rifle.
[2] Besides the moonclips (some of which can be delicate-ish), one really needs a moonin/demooning tool so load and unload the clips. The old GI .45 half-moon clips can be unloaded with a pair of needlenose pliers, as they are made of hefty spring-steel, but you run the risk of ruining the cases for reloading. In reality, those clips were single-use items, dumped out on the battlefield.

1 comment:

Tam said...

Since .350 Legend headspaces on the case mouth, I doubt moon clips are strictly necessary, but they keep you from having to poke empties out one at a time with a handy stick or pencil.