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Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Screws Turn

Now it appears that the TOFF's lawyers were asked to turn over presidential records soon after his undignified return to his lair in Florida.

About two dozen boxes of presidential records stored in then-President Donald Trump’s White House residence were not returned to the National Archives and Records Administration in the final days of his term even after Archives officials were told by a Trump lawyer that the documents should be given back, according to an email from the top lawyer at the record-keeping agency.

“It is also our understanding that roughly two dozen boxes of original presidential records were kept in the Residence of the White House over the course of President Trump’s last year in office and have not been transferred to NARA, despite a determination by Pat Cipollone in the final days of the administration that they need to be,” wrote Gary Stern, the agency’s chief counsel, in an email to Trump lawyers in May 2021, according to a copy reviewed by The Washington Post.

Presidential records do not belong to the individual, they belong to the National Archives. In short, they belong to US. But the TOFF, at his core, is a thief who operates on a toddler's mentality that everything he touches is his.

He is a criminal. He has always comprted his style of managing as would a Mafia boss. He knows that he is a criminal.

And frankly, anyone who does not, by now, acknowledge his criminality is either willfully blind or has played too much football without a helmet, if you get my drift.


Boots Mom said...

I'm 74 y.o. Relatively, ok, healthwise. But, My last wish B4 going to be with my Mom & Aunts, would be to see Traitor TRump, Indicted, go to trial. TELEVISED. I will wish this much!!!!
I been a good girl. Pleeze, if NOT for me, for the USA, B4 She's, Gone !!!

Stewart Dean said...

Short history of the current GOP:
Nixon: I am not a crook
Trump: I am a crook, so what?

yellowdoggranny said...

I wanna see him behind bars soooooooooo much.