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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

Commie stuff at OSH:


Sarah said...

The '29 was pretty impressive. Jared Isaacman bought Paul Allen's Mig29

The afterburner take off at dusk of the Mig-17 was beautiful as well - looked like a rocket, with a tail of fire near as long as the fuselage.

F35 demo stole the jet show, and was usually the last demo. I have not heard a louder fighter - only one I'll cover my ears for on flybys.

Lots of jets this year for some reason. P80/T33, many L39, a sabre, a private F5, T38 visits, F16s, A10s, the alfa jets, so on and so forth. And more military I missed early in the week (U2 for one).

Saturday the rumor was Tom Cruise was going to introduce Top Gun II at the fly-in theatre. Big crowd for the movie, but the aviation coordinator Kevin LaRosa II spoke instead.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... One of these years...

Comrade Misfit said...

Yeah, me, too. I got scared enough flying into Sun n' Fun to not want to chance it going to OSH. Now, those days are gone for me.

But I did pass through there one time, not when the show was on, and spent some time in the EAA's museum. It was nice.

Eck! said...

I did OSH and the flight in was an exercise in precision flying.
And a lot of waiting to taxi to a spot. Over 31 years ago.

Once was enough, I'd been to mecca. Glad I did.

Most memorable, Concorde, that thing made anything before or
after sound wimpy for noise. Standing on the FLYline about
as close to the runway possible you put in ear plugs, cover
your ears, and stand there vibrating. They were doing 900$
trips over CN airspace popping the SB and returning. Too
rich for me.

However I'd have paid that much for a ride in a 2 hole A10.


Eck! said...
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Sarah said...

It is a pilgrimage. Annual for me the last 10 years or so, most of them flying in. But then I live only 200 miles away. I did drive in a couple years, once airbnb ($$$) and this year Scholler car camping. I was disappointed by Scholler, first time there. Very crowded and remote from the grounds (a bike was a must). Most people are there early for 7+ days, so dropping in the last 4 days didn't work out well.

The new longer Fisk arrival conga line is no better in my opinion. Going during busy times is still a gamble, and worse if you get turned back at Fisk. It's a long 30 minute+ approach at 90kt and 1800'. A friend had to do that twice the first Sunday ran out of time - got in Monday.