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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

We Know Why the Feebies Raided the TOFF's Manse

He was hiding many of the classified documents and he apparently directed his lawyer to lie about it. I probably should read the DoJ's response to El Disgusto's bit of judge-shopping to ask for a special master.

The TOFF believes that everything he touched during his presidency belongs to him. I'm sort of surprised that he didn't try to steal the Resolute Desk, or Air Force 1.

Somebody's going to jail for this, as the letter that the TOFF's lawyer sent to the DoJ, claiming that all government documents had been turned over was a lie. That's the big point, for even if a judge accepts that the TOFF magically declassified all of those documents, they were not his to take.

It will be interesting to find out who were the people who ratted him out.


Eck! said...

It would seem the rat was his own people trying to say
he didn't have any materials that require secure and
special handling yet he did.

Simply the first boxes contained stuff, secret stuff.
Apparently one of the responses to requests for the
rest said nothing secret here. but the way it was
written it meant they had stuff... Secret or not the
PRA says its not his to take or keep.

In short if you say you "diligently" did something
and you didn't that is cause. What follows is no


Eck! said...

So there is no error...

On Jun-3 Bopp handed over a Redweld envelope containing
some of the the requested documents by classification.

At the same time He attested there were no other restricted
or similar documents after a examination of the boxes contents.

Therefore the "Rat" is Bopp and associates as the answer was
such that there were additional boxes of material to inspect
for restricted material. Their existence in the TOFF lair
was enough to invoke the PRA and became criminal.

The real question is not if someone goes to the lockup, but whom.
If the TOFF maintained distance (didn't due to material on HIS desk)
it would be easy to throw people under the bus other than himself.

From all I've read of prior cases, the FBI finds materials that
should never leave secure facility under search warrent in all
cases that perp was before a judge for arraignment withing a
short period (days) and then either out on bail with no travel
order or locked up.


Boots Mom said...

??: Was there a thorough inventory taken for ALL contents of the Whitehouse after Mr. Treason & family vacated. By several WH staff. WAS THERE ????

Eck! said...

MAGA.... making Attorneys get attorneys.


Comrade Misfit said...

There was a joke that the Secret Service would count the silverware every time Nixon left the White House.