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Saturday, August 27, 2022

One Thing I Know About The TOFF

I don't know if he's in any legal jeaopardy (and I doubt if you do), but there is one thing I am willing to bet on:

He will run his mouth, both on his failing social media platform, in interviews with his lackey press, and in speeches. Despite what legal advice he may receive, he will continue to do that.

Where he will say lots of things that can be used against him.

Anyhoo, suppose he gets indicted. What I see happening is that, at the bail hearing, the TOFF will run his mouth. The judge, who might be inclined to order ROR with supervision by the SS, will get pissed off and order a bail of $800 million because of a stated flight risk.


Ten Bears said...

Didn't the Gestapo get rid of Miranda not too long ago?

Palolololo said...

My guess is he gets to experience the hearings in a small room with a tv monitor,because he can't/won't shut up in court.

GLBTS said...

Statement: My rage at the handling of classified materials has subsided to only "boiling".

Observation: Not once has The Old Fat Fu*k said anything like: "I would never compromise our secure data, for the good of the nation" Not One Denial, on the matter at hand. Just lots of "me" whining...

Anyone else notice this ??


montag said...

I heard he was having his Boeing repaired. I would say even without shooting his mouth off he is a flight risk.

Stewart Dean said...

Oh, fly, fly. Just don't fuel the plane.

Iron City said...

It depends on whether his airplane is at risk of flying. If I were the company doing the repair/refurbish job he wouldn't get the keys back until the check cleared.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

He's never been good as a witness:
Beginning with the trial’s opening day, Rothman asked himself a single question: Who is my bad guy? He sought someone the jury would find difficult to believe and even harder to like. He sought someone with false bravado, with arrogance, with indifference. He didn’t want the jury to think about a sad little league going up against a powerful machine. No, he wanted the jury to see that the USFL, sympathy be damned, was its own Frankenstein. “The more I developed the strategy,” he said, “the more I wanted Donald Trump as my fall guy. I would call it Donald versus Goliath. I would make their scheme Donald’s plan, which it was. I would show that Donald Trump is not a little lightweight; he is one of the richest men in America . . . He was such a lousy witness for them, and a great one for us.”

yellowdoggranny said...

he'll trip himself up so much by his own lies that it will be a joy to watch.