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Sunday, August 28, 2022

No Wonder He Admires That Guy

So here's another MAGA-like idiot:


dinthebeast said...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

yellowdoggranny said...

all of them fuckers are batshit crazy.

montag said...

In 1933 Hitler owed back taxes on his book royalties, he never paid. I'm thinking maybe the Apprentice Fuehrer has plans to imitate his idol.

DTWND said...

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprise that he eats a bullet if/when Feds come for him. But then the MAGAt’s will have a martyr or rally behind.


Comrade Misfit said...

He had a carry permit back in the day when it took real pull or celebrity status to get one in NYC. So he might still have a gun.

All of which surprises me. I can't see him getting his hands dirty by shooting a handgun.

Ten Bears said...

Boiled right down to ones and zeros, brass tacks, balls on a brass-monkey barroom brawling: I don't think he's got the balls ... all of this bunch have proven themselves to be the purist of bullies, the "lets you and him fight" types. Selling wolf-tickets we call that on-the-inside. Talk a good talk but when it boils right down to ones and zeros balls on a brass-monkey barroom brawling they're just that: a whole lotta' talk.

Yeah, I'd like see it eat one, I just don't its got the balls ...