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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

What's Going On With Fox News?
(Plus More About the TOFF's Moronoic Blatherings)

Fox News ran an opinion piece explaining that the search of the TOFF's lair was, well, legal:

The truth needs to be set forth plainly and simply, and so let’s get down to brass tacks here. What happened on August 8, 2022, was not tyranny. It was not political persecution. It was not a minor dust up over bureaucratic processes blown out of proportion. It was the criminal justice system operating just like it does with any other private citizen on any other given day ending in a "y."
You cannot remove properly marked classified documents and place them in a location not authorized for retention of classified documents. You cannot obstruct a federal investigation seeking to lawfully recover those documents. You cannot present false statements to federal investigators.

Our jails are filled with people who have gone to jail for less. Search warrants are executed on properties and residences every day by local, state and federal law enforcement authorities in a manner no different than what happened at Mar-a-Lago. Those individuals’ lawyers also are not permitted to impede or micromanage the execution of the warrant, just as Trump’s lawyers were not permitted to do so.

Those search warrants also tend to result in agents rummaging through areas that contain personal items but which fall within the scope of the search warrant, just as happened at Mar-a-Lago. The individuals subject to the search warrant also are not permitted access to the underlying probable cause affidavit unless and until there is an actual criminal indictment. Trump is not special in that regard

My heavily uneducated guess is that whoever signed that letter to the Feds in June stating that the TOFF had turned everything over is in serious trouble, as Martha Stewart can tell them.

Meanwhile, the TOFF's latest team of crackerjack lawyers filed a motion asking for a special master because of executive privelige. I guess it's not fully sunk into Commandante Bone Spurs that he isn't the president. The judge responded whith an order asking for clarification, which essentially translates into "what the fuck do you want, why do you want it and what possible legal basis is there for this bullshit"?


Eck! said...

special master... We know who and what the experts are!

The National Archive, that should do it.

dumpf idiot.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

there is this view

dinthebeast said...

He appointed the judge, so he'll have a hard time claiming bias on that one.
The first time my living space got raided, they left all of our possessions in a pile in the middle of the floor with the musical instruments on the bottom. They found the M1 that Rob got from his uncle behind the refrigerator, took it out and ran the serial number, brought it back to the back door and tried to hand it to Jack, who as an ex-felon, couldn't legally possess it, and he put his hands behind his back and said "Oh no you don't, I know how that works." After some back and forth, he finally convinced them to put it back where they found it so it's owner could retrieve it after he came home from work.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

It was Fox's creation to begin with, it's their creation to dump.

Yes, "it" ...

dan gerene said...

Probably the usual posture in T$$$p's defensive legal dealings. Delay and obfuscate until the opposition settles for pennies on the dollar. If the judge were to go along with this Master then the cry would be the appointee is anti-T$$$p and and it's unfair, biased and more witch hunt, etc.