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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Some People are Helping to "Mark Watney" Things During the Pandemic

[Robert Conley's] phone hasn't stopped ringing since news reports this past weekend of his role in designing the Ventilator Quad Splitter, a device that can connect a single breathing machine to as many as seven or eight COVID-19 patients at the same time.

Conley, 56, an associate professor at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich and owner of Interactive CAD Solutions, an engineering design company in Lebanon, said Wednesday he's had inquiries from Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Pakistan in the last couple of days from people interested in his splitter design, which can be produced on 3D printers.
A Navy veteran who served on the USS Dallas, a nuclear-powered attack submarine, Conley said he has no intention of profiting from sales of his design, should the Ventilator Quad Splitter gain regulatory approvals.

"I'm not going to patent it," he said of his design. "Anybody with a 3D printer can print it out and start making these."

A diabetic, Conley said he's emulating the doctors who discovered insulin, the treatment for diabetes, who he said declined offers of financial reward.

"That was such an important discovery, they wanted to share it with the world," he said. "This is my gift to the world.
Good work, Professor.

Like most other newspapers with a paywall, The Day has placed its pandemic coverage outside of the paywall. In this time, if you have the cash, you should support your local newspaper. They are the people who are bringing you the news that matters locally.

(If you get your news from Facebook and the like, get a frigging clue.)


Eck! said...

He is a fool, and should patent it. Not to make money but to block
any chance of some profiteer getting a patent!

That and profit or no, he deserves the recognition.


Comrade Misfit said...

Nobody else can patent it once he releases the design. It becomes "prior art", as the USPTO puts it.

Sikhandtake said...

I'd not be so sure about 'prior art'- else why would so many Linux groups have banded together to patent as much software as they could, as a defensive move against patent trolls?