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Monday, April 20, 2020

Which Sign Goes With This Story

A Virginia pastor who told his congregants, “God is larger than this dreaded virus” died of COVID-19 the day before Easter, his church said.

The New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, in North Chesterfield, Virginia, right outside Richmond, announced the death of Bishop Gerald O. Glenn in an Easter Sunday address by Bryan Nevers, a church elder.
The Bishop had held a service on March 22, where in a sermon given to a crowd of congregants he said, “I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus,” according to CBS affiliate WTVR. The next day, Virginia banned gatherings of 10 or more, but had already been encouraging social distancing.
Should I go with this:

Or this:

The "God Will Save Us" crowd never consider that maybe, just maybe, it is the government leaders and the scientists asking people to stay apart from one another are the ones doing His work.


Eck! said...

I sorta like this...

God gave man a wonderfully complex brain that can understand things and make decisions of unbelievable complexity.

So why would you commit the ultimate blasphemy by not using it to protect
ones self?


Ten Bears said...

What is sad about that first graphic is that while true it is a dog whistle to those who grew up going to church on sundays in a nice little suburban flat on the outside of some college town with mom and dad and sister and brother, dog, cat, two cars in the garage and a chicken in every pot to look down their noses at we products of mid-fifties promiscuous pregnancies and sixties serial southern California divorce, the bastards no one wanted, as having made bad choices in our lives. The Pony Boys, Outsiders, misfits. Made bad choices. Maybe we drink too much; too many divorces, motorcycle crashes. Bad choices.

Just another one of those things the Reich has twisted just so ...

JustMusing said...

Ech!: God gave many of us common sense too. Now having to deal with those that don't (have any).

TB: Sadly the coded messages will get through loud and clear. The irony is lost on them.