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Thursday, April 9, 2020


President Trump expressed his extreme frustration today at the lack of gratitude being shown him despite his generosity with the federal stockpile of emergency medical equipment during the coronavirus crisis.

“First the Governors don’t ask me nicely enough for the ventilators and now this!”
And this:
Mitch McConnell did not hold back in lambasting Democrats for questioning additional funding for big business and asking for more to be done for healthcare institutions and local government. The Senate Majority leader said CEOs will suffer as a result.

“These are our friends, our neighbors, and our donors who look to us in their time of need.”
And to be bipartisan:
In what is now a Presidential election tradition, hordes of bitterly dissappointed Bernie Sanders supporters jumped to their demise today, just as their kind did four years ago. Such are the numbers of people who felt the Bern but cannot stomach Joe Biden, it could be days before the process is complete.

“There’s only so much cliff space available.”


dinthebeast said...

I got an email from Bernie saying that he was suspending his campaign... in the 23rd paragraph.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

w3ski said...

Here we go again with the mass division of the party. The same thing that gave us Donny, to begin with. Joe isn't my first or second choice but I respect that we need to unify.
There are so many spoiled brats out there, saying "if not Bernie, nothing". I can so see where this is going, another 4 years of Donny.
Here's a thought, What if not Bernie himself, but his hardcore followers were actually Russian influenced? Wouldn't that be a sweet way or them to divide the Democrats to the point of having no chance, again? We have established that they are involved, is this so far out then?
It makes me very fearful when I see so many saying "Bernie or nothing", even after Bernie dropped out. Do they think they can make him win anyway?

dinthebeast said...

That's what they did last time. It kinda worked, too. The Rude Pundit pointed out a couple of days ago: "If you're a Sanders voter who now says they'll vote for Trump, you never supported Sanders's causes."
Well, actually, then there was some profanity involved, like usual with him, but the point stands.

Biden may seem like weak tea, but remember that he would appoint sane vertebrates at AG, SOS, EPA etc.

This is mostly a vanity project for Fergus, but for the Republican party it's a crusade.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

John Gall said...

If the Bernie fans can't or won't choose between Biden and Trump, this country is screwed.