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Sunday, April 12, 2020

When We Needed a Forthright Leader, We Got Trump

Trump was willfully blind while the coronavirus pandemic gathered steam. The Trump Administration knew, for two months, that the pandemic was looming, but nobody could get Trump to focus on it. As an exhaustive report details, Trump actively fought off every attempt to get him to do something.

Arguably, if Trump had not seen TV footage of bodies at a hospital near his boyhood home, he still would not have done anything.

For Trump, the pandemic is all about him. He is focused, like any TV performer, on his ratings:

That wasn't Trump's only "I'm getting great ratings" tweet:

What we need at this time is a leader who will give it to us straight. A president who will be honest with the American people about the dangers of this pandemic and the way forward. We can take it. We can handle the truth.

But no. Instead, we have a president who is a pathological liar and a narcissist whose sole concern is the TV ratings of the Trump Show.

And about 43% of the American people are down with being lied to and being treated like fragile children. Surely they cannot be descended from the men who fought at Hue, Chosin, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Saipan, the Normandy beaches, Bastogne, the Hurtgen Forest, Monte Cassino, in Atlantic convoys, at Belleau Wood, Château-Thierry, the Meuse–Argonne and many, many more! They cannot be descended from the women who filled the armaments factories, the aircraft plants and the shipyards in two world wars!

The mind boggles that we have so many citizens who willing accept being lied to and bullshitted on a nearly hourly basis.

No wonder Putin sleeps so well.


Pigpen51 said...

I voted for Trump. I don't like him, or his ways of treating people. I have heard that he has a side that is kind, and human. I have not seen that side. I have seen him being a narcissist. I voted for him for the reason that I am a conservative, who votes for one issue, that of the 2nd amendment, and that reason only.
I think that he will go down in history as being a bad leader, but also as having done a good job at the economy, at least up until this point. One problem for the Democrats is that they don't really have a solid candidate to run against Trump now. No matter how they want to slice it, Joe Biden is not a solid candidate. Not just for his mental gaffs, which anyone can have. Not just for his role in Obama's administration, which had some major problems. But his main problem is going to be that he is not a true leader. He does know how to play the game, and has played it well for a very long time. In the senate, he was effective, due to knowing how to put together coalitions, because that is how things get done in the senate. But there is a big difference between the senate and the executive branch.
It is doubtful that the Democrats would be able to get a leftist like Bernie Sanders elected. And certainly not anyone further to the left than him. The country is not ready for that degree of socialism.
I think the most interesting thing about this election is going to be, just who does Joe Biden select to run as his VP running mate. He said he wanted to pick a woman, but it can't be a woman just for the sake of picking a woman. He needs a woman who will lend credibility and balance to the ticket, but also one who can be seen as strong on her own, but not strong like Hillary. Kamala Harris has been mentioned, as has my states own Gretchen Whitmer. I am not a partisan, having voted for both a Democrat and a Republican, and also a Libertarian. If I were to want a Democrat to vote for, and had to nominate a VP pick for Joe Biden, I like Tulsi Gabbard. I know, I don't vote for any reason other than the 2nd amendment, and so right now, there is no Democrat I could support. But I am intrigued by Tulsi. She has a military background, so she knows how to both take and give orders. She was a pilot in the middle east wars, so she knows that you don't just commit to fighting a war, without taking into account the human cost. But probably the biggest plus that I can give her is that she is what a new englander might call wicked smart. I have watched her on various interviews, and it is apparent that she is always prepared and ready for any question that might be tossed at her. She doesn't seem to want to use her gender as a crutch,but she won't allow someone to use it against her, either.
Bernie Sanders had one quality last time, that struck a chord with me, and I still see the same thing,even though I could not vote for him. He seems like a truly honest man, in a city that an honest man is very rare. And he seems to have not changed from his youth, as far as being honest.
I wish everyone who is here and that reads this, will enjoy good health, and will find that their time during this quarantine is well spent, and that your family or friends are also safe, healthy, and that you all emerge no worse for wear.
While politics can divide us, I hope that we are able to remain on friendly terms, no matter our differences. That is the one thing that makes America a great country. Our people, and our ability to discuss our differences and still remain kind with each other.


CenterPuke88 said...

Pigpen51, thanks for the explanation. I would have you consider a bit more than the 2nd, simply because certain supporters of said Amendment would push so hard that they would likely render a backlash inevitable. There is a huge difference between supporting the 2nd, and supporting just any pro-gun argument. There is a group here that does terrible harm to their cause with blatant stupidly in protests and carriage of weapons. All the best, sir.

Ten Bears said...

How is this any different than handing out smallpox laced blankets to the natives?

Dark Avenger said...

Pigpen51, you know all your firearms would be of no use if the Feds decided to take you out using a drone, or don’t you?

Comrade Misfit said...





Comrade Misfit said...

Ten Bears, I have read comments by self-styled conservatives that this pandemic is a good thing because they think it only kills old people and that will reduce the outflow of money for Social Security and Medicare. So from that point, there isn't a whole lot of difference.

Ten Bears said...

As have I