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Thursday, April 23, 2020

It's Coming For You, Too

Overall, there was a noticeable increase of counties with a high COVID-19 prevalence in the Midwest, South, and West over the three-week period between March 29 and April 19. These newly designated high-prevalence counties showed different attributes in terms of urban status, political orientation, and other demographic measures than earlier ones.

The shift was most marked with respect to urban residence status. On March 29, four-fifths of high-prevalence county populations resided in the urban cores of large metropolitan areas. This fell sharply in the subsequent weeks, as more shares of residents in new high-prevalence counties lived in suburbs and smaller areas. Among residents of counties which entered high-prevalence status between April 6 and April 12, for example, only 31% lived in urban core counties, while 45% lived in suburbs and 24% lived in small and nonmetropolitan areas.
Meanwhile, Trump may crow about his TV ratings, but his message is not selling.
Just 28% of Americans say they’re regularly getting information from Trump about the coronavirus and only 23% say they have high levels of trust in what the president is telling the public. Another 21% trust him a moderate amount.

Confidence in Trump is higher among his supporters, though only about half of Republicans say they have a lot of trust in Trump’s information on the pandemic — and 22% say they have little or no trust in what he says about the COVID-19 outbreak.
Meanwhile, the dumbest governor in the nation is reopening his state tomorrow despite zero evidence that the current state of the pandemic supports such a move. Our Nutty King first told Kemp that it was a good idea to reopen Georgia before changing his mind.

There must be something in the Karmic Universe that puts idiots in charge of places named Georgia.


CenterPuke88 said...

A neighboring city is opening restaurant patios, salons and barbers tomorrow. Cinemas on Monday is next....

The state licensing boards are threatening fines, we’ll see. The mayor is a blithering Trumpanzee, the residents are generally entitled, wealthy and white, this might be a fun watch.

dinthebeast said...

The urban areas where the pandemic first hit are both more likely to follow distancing guidelines and at the same time more difficult to do so successfully.
Had the Bay Area not gone on shelter in place weeks before the rest of the country did, things would no doubt be more dangerous up here, as a NYC level outbreak there would have spread to the outlying communities that do a lot of commerce with them.
I think the last I checked on the TOPOS map, Madera county had 34 reported infections.
The places to watch now are the communities around prisons, meat packing plants, and any nursing home or congregate care facility, and those are just as likely to be in rural areas as urban ones.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

"There must be something in the Karmic Universe that puts idiots in charge of places named Georgia."
The poor whites of the South have been suckered forever and love (even chrome plate) the chains of bigotry and ignorance. They have bought that karma. But what in merry hell, did black people ever do to deserve to be stuck there and suffer the collateral damage from the idiocy of the white folk, the poor whites and the bosses (like McConnell)?
I watched To Kill a Mockingbird the other day, and it was painful. So much false pride and all the insanity that goes with it. And racism! Enslaving human beings put a poison in the South that still runs in its veins, loading it with fear and hate and loathing. You cannot subjugate and abuse a people without the transference of making yourself bestial. I grew up in Kentucky (not that far South, north of the M-D line, actually), left it for college, never went back. And now our wondrous capitalism has made poor whites of the rest of the nation....with Trump selling them the same chains that poison and enslave the South's poor whites.

Dark Avenger said...

We have two centers of infection in Tulare county, fortunately none of them are here at the Gateway to the Gateway to the southern Sierra Nevadas.