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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Coronavirus Scalper Told to Go Fuck Himself

A supermarket boss has given one of his customers the bird after it’s claimed the man tried to return almost 5000 rolls of toilet paper and 150 bottles of hand sanitiser which he couldn’t sell online.
[The supermarket boss] said the man had come into the store to get his money back after website eBay refused to allow him to sell the items online.
That's just delicious that the jerk is stuck with his goods.

He's not the first guy to find out that people are not amused by hoarders who are trying to make speculative profits during the pandemic.

The jerk is at least lucky that his name wasn't publicized.


0_0 said...

I have TP, but I'm almost out of sanitizer and I have seen 1 4-pak of Northern since this started.

Maybe the manager could've given the asshole the wholesale price or less ans put it on the shelf.

Ten Bears said...

Seems to me if it's ok for the commandeer in chief, the hero and leader of our great nation, to interdict and divert badly needed medical and personal protection supplies to its profit, there's no reason why I shouldn't go out and hijack - at gunpoint if need be - some assholes' pickup load of buttwipe and sell it on street corners. Capitalism baby, got to love it; free market, 'law' of supply and demand; go on, take the money and run. 'Muirkkka, fuck yeah!

Yes, it.

w3ski said...

It's good to see Karma hasn't taken sick leave.